Food for Cat with Kidney Disease (5 Best Food List)

Do you own a cat affected by Kidney disease? If yes, then follow the list of these 5 best food for cat with kidney disease. You will get to know all in this post about the food for your affected cat. You should also check best automatic cat feeder.

For the early recovery of the affected cat, we have to consider some points along with the food to be feed. Considering acute and chronic kidney disease, suitable food items would be suggested here. At First, let’s talk a little about the reasons for kidney diseases among cats.The main causes are inadequate nutrition, high phosphorus and sodium content food with the scarcity of water in the body.


The food should fulfil the following requirements

  • It should increase water consumption
  • It should gut health
  • It improves quality of nutrition
  • It should contain food supplement


List of Food for Cat with Kidney Disease – 5 Food Items


food for cat with kidney disease

The affected cat should be given a diet excellent in quality protein with the little amount of sodium and phosphorus extracts. Research suggests that therapeutic diet with highly water soluble vitamins, fibre and antioxidants may prolong the life of cats keened to kidney diseases. Controlling phosphorus intake amount is a good check on the further progression of kidney disease. Consultation with proper veterinarian could be opted as suitable chemicals would be given to increase appetite among them till their full treatment. In case if the cat is addicted to the food with rendered ingredients to be recommended to reduce the amount of protein in the food.

Please note that quantity of food given can be different depends on the severity of the case. Must read this guide on how to feed cats before start giving the foods listed here. Some of the major food items are referred which is to be taken with proper prescription of a veterinarian as follows

1. Farmina Natural and Delicious Chicken Grain-Free Formula Dry Cat Food

food for cat #1
Description: This product is 2.5 kg food containing fish, lamb and chicken as the primary source of protein. it also includes rice and corn for digesting carbohydrates easily and source of energy as well. No external artificial ingredients, preservatives and proteins have been added. Note that the given product can be used for feeding the affected cat as well.

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2. Royal Canin

food for cat royal canin

Description: This is a 400 g balanced feed containing complex of antioxidants like vitamins, green tea, lycopene and grape polyphenols, fatty acids and phosphorus.

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3. Chicken (WhisKas)

food for cat - whiskas chicken

Description: The given product contains 85 g chicken to be feed once a day. It maintains urinary tract health and also satisfy the need of high moisture content. Cat can easily eat it as it suits the it’s natural feeding instincts. In addition to that it comes along with gravy.
Check whether the chicken is roasted or not, a roasted one is better.

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4. Vetoquinol 425856 Azodyl small


food for cat - Azodyl small caps
Description: The 180 g product is a very helping hand in curing kidney diseases of cats. Ipakitine binds up the phosphates and reduces the amount of phosphate taken in by intestines. It comes in a form of powder which melts in either jelly or gravy and cats eats this food supplement with no problem.
Dosage details

  • 3-5 kg : 2 level scoops each day
  • 10 kg : 4 level scoops each day
  • 15 kg: 6 level scoops each day
  • 20 kg: 8 level scoops each day.

It should be mixed along with cat’s food.

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5.Fish(less amount)

food for cat - whiskas fish

Description: The given product is 1.1 kg cat food which is a perfect balance of vitamins and minerals containing high-quality ingredients. A high source of phosphorus and no artificial preservatives been added externally.

This can be mixed with other food also depending on the cats’ requirement but should be given in minimum quantity.

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Tips for Feeding the Food for Cat with Kidney Disease

The food should be such that it leads in reducing inflammation in cat’s body. High doses of fish oil and low carbohydrate reduce inflammation. Use of Rhubarb root extract also helps in curing it. The level of stress among cats can be reduced by indulging in activities with them also helps to prevent kidney diseases to a quite extent.

Improving quality of nutrition

Canned food should be given more preference. High carbohydrate diets should be avoided.Food containing a balanced diet of proteins, vitamins and minerals which can be easily digested


Increase Water Consumption

As we know water is beneficial for kidneys to work nicely. Cats with kidney disease required to drink a lot of water to remove waste products along with urine.The given food if dry should be mixed up with water and given water should be filtered.
A pet’s water fountain is recommended.

In conclusion, endeavour been made to summarize the possible combination of food to feed the cat helping the treatment of the kidney disease and to ensure good health, prolonging life and prevention of further occurring of the same in future.

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