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Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews & Guides

You want the best for your feline friend and we have found the best...

Automatic Cat Feeder has taken the time to review and test products and find the information for your cats health and happiness.
SureFlap DualScan Electronic

Best Electronic Cat Door in 2022

I have read plenty of mixed reviews about this product online, which almost stopped me from making the purchase. But surprise, surprise–it’s the first best electronic cat door on my list!

This electronic cat door is PetSafe SmartKey activated. It can accommodate up to 5 SmartKeys that are waterproof, in case you have more than one kitty cat (but the additional ones are sold separately). I simply attached the SmartKey to my cat’s existing collar like a pendant, which she didn’t seem to mind.

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Cat Solarium Review

Cat Solarium Review 2021: Is it Worth it?

Cat owners have been raving about the Cat Solarium since it first came out. It’s stylish, innovative, and definitely looks something like every indoor cat would enjoy. But the real question is, does my kitty cat actually need it?

The Cat Solarium is a mini window built especially for indoor cats. It gives them access to sunlight and fresh air without leaving the house. All it takes is 20 minutes to assemble and install it on your window.

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Elevated cat beds reviews

5 Elevated cat bed reviews for 2021

Cats love to be perched high above everybody else. It is in their hunting nature. Your cat may feel more at peace with an elevated cat bed. Somewhere they feel at home in their natural habitat.

We have taken the time to do some thorough research on the best elevated cat beds of 2021.

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best pet camera

Ultimate List of Best Pet Camera for Cats

Can’t decide on a pet camera for your kitty? Not sure if you even need one in the first place? While owning a pet camera is a personal choice, many fur parents are now turning to this handy device for their peace of mind. And you can also achieve the same by having the right pet camera that suits your needs. So, to help you decide better, read on for my personal review of the best pet camera for cats.

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Unique Cat Trees

Unique Cat Trees You Haven’t Seen Before

As a cat parent myself, trust me when I say I know how it feels! And I’ve tried every possible remedy I could find, one of which involves anti-scratch tape and some wrapping action (it’s making the house look like I wrap things for a living!). Let’s see the especial cat trees with a twists. Good thing there are unique cat trees!

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