10 Best Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews & Guide 2020

Automatic Cat Feeder – Do you have a fuzzy cat in your home? Well, if the answer is a resounding YES then you are a really lucky person! Having a warm fuzzy cat in your home is a great joy.

Unlike dogs, cats are independent and they love grooming themselves all day long. A cat is like royalty because they love to rule the home and their walk is elite. If you are planning to get a cat, you are inviting happiness to your home.

As a new cat parent, you would want to know the basics of feeding a cat and the type of grooming products that they need. Speaking of cat feeding, you have to get the right cat feeder. In today’s world, technology rules and getting an automatic cat feeder will be a great idea for feding your cats.

Yes, you love your cat a lot and you take the best care of him/her but you require an automatic pet feeder. There are times when you will be away for work during the day and you might even need to step out for emergencies.

What if you are traveling out for a business trip? Who will feed your cat? Hold that thought, my friend. An automatic pet feeder will save the day!

automatic cat feeder

There are many manufacturers out there, who make these but you have to know about the best ones. Today, we are going to cover everything about the cat feeders, how to use it and the Top 10 Automatic Cat Feeders. If you are a new cat parent, you should know of the benefits and the best cat feeders. Take a quick look!

10 Best Automatic Cat Feeders

Take a look at the 10 Best Automatic Cat Feeders.

Automatic Cat Feeder Comparison

ProductFoodTimerCapacityOur Rating 
Arf Pets Automatic Pet FeederDryYes1.14 gallon

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Vanness AF3 Auto FeederDryNo3 pounds

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Cat Mate C3000DryYes6.5 lb

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TD Design Automatic Pet FeederWet/DryYes1200 ml

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Pureness Medium Auto FeederDryNo6 lb

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Automatic Feeder PyrusDryYes5.5 litre

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PetLou Automatic Pet FeederDryYes5 lb

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Safevant <br />
Automatic Pet FeederDryYes5 litres

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Lusmo Automatic Pet FeederDryYes1000 gram

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Auto Feeder Fitiger LargeDryYes5.5 litres

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10 Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews

Here are the detailed reviews of all the 10 automatic cat feeder listed above. You will find all about these feeders and choose the best one for your cat


Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder – The Perfect Portion


Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder

What did we like?

This is a great food dispenser which has an easy operation. You can pick the portion size and the feeder will do exactly as you want it to function. Your pet shall be happy all day long because they will get set meals. It dispenses 1 to 10 portions for every meal.

You would need to set up the clock and the machine will make sure that your cat gets fed four times in a day. You can feed dry cat food through this automatic pet feeder.

Arf Pets Automatic Feeder PROS

  • Arf pet automatic pet feeder food dispenser for dogs and cats makes hassle-free food and dispenses 1 to 10 meal portions each time.
  • It has a distribution alarm and LCD smart clock and voice recording service, which help you to take over the whole situation.
  • The magnetic lid lock help for your pet’s safety and you can serve up to 4 meals in a single day.
    It has powerful 3D batteries and suitable for any size of cats and dogs and an adorable voice recorder, which calls up for meal portions.


Arf Pets Automatic Feeder CONS

  • Sometimes the automatic timer does not work properly so it can be a little delay in the food serving.
  • Some clients are disappointed with the food dispensing function.


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Vanness AF3 Pet Feeder


Vanness AF3 Cat Feeder

What did we like?

The Vanness AF3 Pet Feeder is dish washer safe and it is very easy to clean. Since it has a removable lid, you can clean it effortlessly. The machine is easy to use and many users have not had any problems with this product so far! It is effective and it is great for your hungry kitty.

Vanness AF3 Feeder PROS

  • Vanness AF3 auto feeder is quite comfortable and easy to use and understand for you as well as your feline.
  • The design is very simple and easy to dish wash with a simple flip-flop lid lock.
  • The material of this auto feeder is also pet safe and pet-friendly.
  • It is a cost-effective feeder and favorable item if you have many cats.
  • It is the best auto feeder for dispensing dry food.


Vanness AF3 Feeder CONS

  • The dish size of this product is too large, which doesn’t go well for small food portions.
  • Some customer complains that the food falls outside from the feeder, which makes everything messy and dirty.
  • It is good for dry food but not a right choice for wet food also, the quality of this product is also said to be little low than other products.


Cat Mate C3000


Cat Mate C3000 automatic cat feeder

The programming of this machine is easy. Also, the product comes with 3 years warranty. You will get a video guide online to know how it works. It gives consistent meal portions to your lovable cat so that she does not over-eat. It is great for dispensing dry cat food!

Cat Mate C3000 PROS

  • Cat mate automatic dry food pet feeder is a recommendable item with an LCD control and works on 4 C batteries; it means you need not worry about the battery for 8 to 9 months.
  • The food hopper carries minimum 2 tablespoons of feeding capacity and maximum 6.5lb.
  • All of the parts of the pet feeder are easy to wash and pet-friendly.
  • Quite suitable for small dogs and cats, you can easily set the food portions.


Cat Mate C3000 CONS

  • Cat mate automatic pet feeder is only suitable for small dogs and cats, it will not going to work for big dogs.
  • Some people say that the feeder creates much noise while dispensing the food.


TD Design Automatic Pet Feeder


TD Design Automatic Cat Feeder

What did we like?

The feeder has five separate food trays and it also has a battery indicator. It shows whether the battery is low or not. What’s more? It is dishwasher proof and it has a locking mechanism as well. The best part is that you can put both dry and wet cat food in this.

TD Design Automatic Pet Feeder PROS

  • TD design automatic pet feeder is an advanced feeder, which allows you to set the pre-timer for the food time and food portions.
  • You can feed 5 meals in a day and it is suitable for wet and dry food.
  • You can set up digital food distribution alarm and also can record the food call, and it has touch control system with blue backlight.
  • It powerful 4 C batteries will work during the electricity failure.
  • It’s safe and secure lid lock system prevents the food falling from the dish, so you can go out without any worry.
  • All the parts of the feeder are easy to clean and dishwasher. It comes with one year warranty from the purchasing date.


TD Design Automatic Pet Feeder CONS

  • Sometimes people don’t understand about the processing system of this feeder.
  • It is suitable for small and medium size dogs and cats, not suitable for big dogs.


Pureness Medium Auto Feeder


Pureness Medium Auto Cat Feeder

What did we like?

It has a removable lid which makes it easy for cleaning. It gets irksome to clean it without lids but this one is easy to wash. This is big enough for at least three to four cats. It does not have a timer and the food slides down for the cats. You get a large size and a small size model in this. Also, it is a reasonable product which will help you save more.

Pureness Automatic Cat feeder PROS

  • A very simple designed auto feeder works great for cats and big sized dogs and you can feed your pet with a fixed quantity and on the time.
  • It has not a mess with high technologies, easy to understand all the instructions and make your pet much comfortable with the food.
  • All the parts of this pet feeder are easy to wash and clean.
  • This feeder has many positive reviews by buyers for its simple design and high quality, so you can buy this without any worry and go outside for a trip or for work without worrying about your pet’s food.


Pureness Automatic Cat feeder CONS

  • It has no auto timer, so if you are out of town then meal portion distribution can be a trouble.


Automatic Feeder PYRUS


Automatic Cat Feeder PYRUS

What did we like?

Your pet probably misses you while you are away. That’s exactly why this automatic cat feeder has a voice recording option. Your cat will listen to your voice and she will never miss you because your voice will calm her/him. This is the best automatic cat feeder which will do the needful as you can set timely meals for your pooch.

Automatic Feeder Pyrus PROS

  • This automatic feeder is suitable for cats and small sized dogs with less technology and a simple but rustic design.
  • It can dispense 1 to 12 cups including 3 meal portions in a single day.
  • Its wide hopper can have a capacity of holding 5 liters of dry food.
  • It has voice recording system plays 3 times food call for your pet.
  • All the parts of this feeder are easy to clean and dishwasher.
  • The feeder body is quite sturdy and fine quality and easy to carry out anywhere.


Automatic Feeder Pyrus CONS

  • This feeder is only suitable for dry food, so if you want to serve wet food to your cat or dog, then this is not made for you.
  • Some people complain about the feeder’s timer system.

Pet Lou Automatic Pet Feeder

What did we like?

This is another product which has a voice recording feature. The LCD display shows the battery life and there is a digital timer which allows you to program up to six meals in a day. The food bowl is detachable which means it will be easy to clean this.

Pet Lou Automatic Pet Feeder PROS

  • The feeder is highly recommendable for all size of cats and dogs, its anti-jam dispensing formula and secure lid lock system prevents your pet from opening the feeder easily.
  • Its digital timer enables the meal serving on the exact time and it has an ability to serve up to 6 meals in a single day.
  • It can serve the 5bl meal, which is the maximum capacity of this automatic feeder, it allows you to set the meal portions according to the pet’s requirements, it can distribute ¼ to 2 ½ cups of meal portions.
  • Its advanced voice recorder has the ability to 3 times meal call ring.
  • It has powerful 3D batteries, which works during a power cut or low electricity.
  • LCD display light has a digital timer and all the parts of this automatic feeder are easy to clean and dishwasher.


Pet Lou Automatic Pet Feeder  CONS

  • According to several customer reviews, the pet feeder is not durable and sturdy; also it didn’t provide such results as expected.
  • The feeding bowl is very small so the food can fall down, which is also a minus point of this pet feeder.


Safevant Automatic Pet Feeder


Safevant Automatic cat Feeder

What did we like?

There is both automatic and manual feeding in this product. You can get into an audio chat with your cat as well! Yes, technology has completely changed the face of pet care. There is a free mobile application which allows you to set the time and also the mode in which you want to feed your cat. You can interact with your cat even while you are away! There is a camera which allows you to see your dog while you are away!

Safevant Automatic Feeder PROS

  • This pet feeder is one of the smartest pet feeder having advanced technologies and multi-functions.
  • You can feed your pet from anywhere with the help of a free app that is suitable for Android devices and iOS, the smart HD camera helps you to see your pet from anywhere.
  • You can stay connected with your lovely pet from anyplace, now you need not worry about the homecare of the pet.
  • The automatic voice call recorder allows you to command your pet and you can chat with your pet as well.
  • The functioning of this automatic feeder is also very easy and simple to understand, the feeding tray is also removable so you can clean or wash it easily.
  • Once you need to set the timer and the food portions, it serves 4 meals, which should be 0.2 to 0.59 inch.
  • In one meal you can feed 10 portions of each meal. If the feeder isn’t connected to the WIFI, then it will serve the food according to the timer.
  • It has 3D batteries or AC adaptor, which works during a power cut or electrical failure.


Safevant Automatic feeder CONS

  • The smart app still needs more improvement; sometimes user can’t able to understand the advanced device’s technology.
  • The feeder needs a strong WIFI connection; weak connection won’t help for the connectivity.


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Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder


Lusmo Automatic cat Feeder NEW

What did we like?

According to us, this is the best automatic cat feeder. Why? It comes in different colours of the rainbow and your pet will really enjoy it. The colourful Lusmo Automatic Cat Feeder is all that your little pooch needs for an enjoyable meal time. It has a large sized panel and it controls the portion of the food. Yes, manual mode is also available in this. It is a beautiful looking automatic pet feeder and it solves the purpose.

Lusmo Automatic Cat Feeder PROS

  • LUSMO automatic feeder looks stunning and cute with an attractive color and you will love to buy this and it is suitable for cats and small sized dogs.
  • You can set the meal portion from 1 cup to 1/16 cup, which is right for cats and small dogs as well as pet owners can control the daily consumption of their pets.
  • All the parts of this pet feeder are easy to remove and easy to clean and dishwasher.
  • It is a smart feeder with strong lid lock system that prevents your pet from playing with the food.


Lusmo Automatic Cat Feeder CONS

  • This pet feeder is only suitable for cats and small dogs, not appropriate for big sized dogs.
    The feeder is only for indoor use only and only suitable for dry food, do not use in the wet area or wet food or canned food.
  • Sometimes feeder can lose its programming after changing batteries, which can create a trouble for you and for your pet.


Auto Feeder Fidiger Pet feeder


Auto Feeder Fidiger cat feeder

What did we like?

The operation of this automatic feeder is super easy. Feed your pooch at set times while you are away. Your pet should not go hungry and Auto Feeder will make sure that it satiates the hunger of your little cat. It comes at a decent price and two cats can happily eat from this. Your cat will get the meals timely!

Fidiger Pet feeder PROS

  • Its large food hopper can hold 5.5-liter food, and this pet feeder is suitable for all sized cats and dogs.
  • It has digital clock and LCD display, which help to set the food portions and help you to manage the food intake of your pet.
  • You can record your voice, which will help your pet for eating food comfortably. Also, the quality of this product is quite fine and sturdy with powerful 3D batteries.


Fidiger Pet feeder CONS

  • The product is only for indoor use only also you can’t wash any part of this feeder in an automatic dishwasher.
  • You can’t use rechargeable batteries as well as it needs extra care and attention. Keep out this product from the children, especially small babies, also do not allow your pet to sit on the feeder.


Why should you buy an automatic cat feeder?

Here is a sample video of how automatic cat feeder works!

An automatic cat feeder will make sure that your fuzzy cat is well-fed and she will never go hungry. Pets need special care because they cannot talk! They communicate in their own ways but we wouldn’t know what they are saying.

If you are a working man/woman, you constantly worry about your cat being fed. Investing in a feeder will be a wise idea. The automatic feeders are designed to feed your cat twice, thrice or even five times in a day.

There are compartments in the feeder and some may even have 8 for holding ounces of food. You can schedule the eating time of your cat and automatic feeder will do the job.

Now the good thing is that it can be used for giving your cat the medications as well. It is so versatile, right? The cat feeder has an LCD screen on which you can set the time interval. Fixing an eating schedule for your cat will be a good thing!

It is advisable not to leave the food in the bowl because cats tend to overeat. Overeating leads to obesity in cats and dogs. Obesity is not a good thing for humans or for cats! It can be deadly and so, using a cat feeder will be a better choice.


Automatic Cat Feeder Benefits

Now that you know about the best automatic cat feeder, let us get on to the real deal which is to understand as to why you need a cat feeder.

  1. The machine manages the portion which does not lead to over-eating. Over-eating leads to obesity which is a danger sign! It will help in weight management of the cat. Yes, a plump cat like the one in Stuart little looks cute but it is not good for their health. Obesity can lead to other problems! You should control the food portions.
  2. Feed your cat while you are away. You cannot be there with your cat whole day! You might have to step out for a weekend or you might have to go out because of an emergency. At such times, the cat feeder can be a great relief. You do not have to shell out a lot of money to hire someone to take care of the cat.
  3. Convenience is the key! Don’t you think the cat feeder has made your life convenient? There are some cat feeders which allow you to video chat and audio chat. There can be nothing better than that!
  4. You will be free from guilt! There are many pet parents, who feel awful leaving their pooches alone. They take leaves to be with their pet. We have been there and done that! A pet feeder will make your life easy and breezy.
  5. No early rise for you! Usually, pet parents get up in the morning to feed their cats and dogs but with the automatic cat feeder, you do not have to wake up at wee hours of the morning. Your pet will be happy and full all day long.

Final Verdict

Yes, cats are intelligent and they can be alone for hours. However, keeping them on a diet will not be a great idea. She/he needs her food at different times of the day. If you work 8 hours, you do not expect the cat to wait for you all day long just to get her meal.

Get the best automatic cat feeder and say goodbye to stress because we know how it is like to be a pet parent. You feel responsible for your little pooch and getting a pet feeder will make your life easy.

The automatic cat feeder will help you to complete your sleeping hours. Also, you will save a lot of money.

There are many people, who keep nannies to take care of the cats and dogs just because someone has to feed them. With a pet feeder in your home, you do not have to spend a lot of dollars.

It is not safe to let someone be in your home with your cat or dog. Should you get a pet feeder? Absolutely! According to several reviews, it is the most convenient option to feed pets. Buy the best one!

You can go through the reviews of each of the products mentioned above. They are available online and you can buy it online as well.

Make sure you buy the best cat feeder which solves your purpose. Thanks to technology that now we do not have to worry about our pets going hungry and alone at home!

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