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How to Feed Cats – 4 Amazing Tips to Feed Your Cat

While thinking about what kind of food you should opt for your cats, you must focus on some factors such as its health history, age and physical condition etc. in order to avoid various side effects from affecting your beloved pet. Automatic cat feeder is one of the best available options to feed your cat.


How to Feed Cats

Make sure that you purchase pet food which is permitted by the Association of American Food Control Officials in order to be assured about buying the best stuff. Some of the main factors that should be taken care of, while selecting the best feeding techniques for your cats are:

1. Choosing the best cat food:

How to Feed Cats

An average adult cat has a daily diet of around 270 calories with a complete balance of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats etc. and you must remember that water is a vital part of a cat’s diet. Especially, the cats which tend to eat dry-food more, need more amount of water so that they get the accurate amount of moisture required to their body. Just like humans, cats also require a diet that has sufficient amount of nutrition. So, select the food which contains the maximum amount of animal protein and fat for your pet.

2. Dietary needs of your pet:

According to a study, 1 out of every 5 cats is obese or overweight. You can easily judge this factor by touching the cat’s belly, if you cannot feel the ribs then your cat may be overweight, so you need to feed them with the food containing less fat. The nutritional needs of a cat vary according to its life stages. The food requirements of a kitten and those of a senior cat vary a lot. The medical condition of the cat also has a big impact on its diet. For instance, a diabetic cat may require insulin treatment and also it should be provided with the food that contains a lesser amount of carbohydrates and the cats with urinary issues require food that can control the body minerals of the cat to rectify the problem.

3. Try to make a proper routine:

After deciding about what kind of food should be fed to the cat, you must make a schedule of feeding them so that your pet is happy and comfortable with the daily fixed timing of their meal otherwise they’ll remain restless for the whole day. Use feeding guides so that you can keep a check on the amount of food that should be given to your cat every day. This will help in maintaining the pet’s health and will also put off various diseases. Cats are too particular about the utensils that they are fed in. So make sure that you feed your cat in the same bowl every day and must wash and rinse it appropriately on a customary basis to prevent any kind of infections.

4. Things that should be avoided:

tips how to Feed Cats

Your cat too loves surprises like you do? Of course, it does. However, too much of these surprises can be harmful to them. Giving your cat moderate treats like some commercial canned food or fishes is alright but this shouldn’t be more than 5% of the total diet of the cat. Feeding too much of fancy food may lead to obesity problems and the cats may also face dietetic unevenness. Most of the cats love Tuna as a delight but feeding this on a regular basis isn’t a great choice as it does not contain the nutrients that are essential for your cat’s health. Also, studies have proved that cats are lactose-intolerant; therefore, milk or any milk product except mother’s milk can be harmful to the cat. Also, other things like raw bread, chocolate and raisins can be harmful to your cat’s health hence avoid these things in their diet in order to maintain the proper well-being of your pets.