Cats Crying at Night Superstition – Meaning & Reasons

Cats crying at night Superstition

Cats crying at night superstition: There are many types of superstitions which people believe in and follow as well. Superstitions are something which people have been following since ages. Even these days, it is quite common to find people following the age-old superstitions.

Earlier people used to believe in superstitions without applying any logic at all. These days, you can find people whether they are logical or not following these superstitions at heart. The most accepted notion is that if they do not follow it, something bad might happen.

There are many types of superstitions which people had invented ages ago. Some of them are related to animals or living things. Some of them are also related to non-living objects too. Animals like cats have always been an object of superstition.

A black cat crossing a street has the pedestrians terrified. People believe if they cross the street after the black cat crosses it, something bad might happen.

Many others call of animals like cats crying at night superstition are also considered a bad omen. Seeing the odd number of birds or getting a glimpse of any particular animal or bird is considered the bad omen. People tend to avoid when they meet such situations.

The Superstition Regarding Cats Crying at Night

why cats cry at night

Cat crying at night is a very old superstition. The general belief is that if someone hears a cat crying at night, they might expect some bad news. It is usually believed that if there is a sick person at home and if there is a cat crying outside the house, the person might die. It is thought that there are evil spirits and they call in the form of animals. They are responsible for taking the lives of dying or diseased people.

Based on these illogical facts, people often harm cats and also kill them. There might be one or two incidences where the dying person and the cat calling might have been purely coincidental. But, based on that, people usually make up their personal facts. There might be a lot of reasons why the cat cries at night. Instead of lending ears to baseless notions, one must be logical enough to confront the entire situation.

Reasons why Cats Might Cry at Night

There might be a lot of reasons for a cat crying at night outside. People must try to identify the reason for which the cat is crying instead of taking drastic steps based on their superstition. Some of the reasons for the cat crying might be:

  • The cat might be hungry and crying for food. This is the most common reason. Street cats often do not get regular food. It is very much possible that the cat could not get any food and is crying with hunger.
  • If the cat is ill or injured, the reason for it to cry is very common. Whether it is a pet cat or the street cat, it is better to check with the vet. Since animals communicate through their voices, it might be possible the cat is crying to communicate that it is injured.
  • The cat might be stressed or anxious for many reasons. Cats usually give out a cry when they are separated from their kids. The kitten might also cry when it gets separated from its mother. If the cat is brought in a new place or locality, it might cry if it is anxious.
  • The cat usually cries at night when it is breeding time. At such time, it is the female cat which cries like a baby. The male cat voice is different.
  • If it is a household cat which visits your place every day, it might simply want to gain your attention. Cats are social animals and love company. Leaving them alone might make them cry sometimes at night.

What is the Meaning of a Cat Crying Outside at Night?

reasons of cats crying at night outside

A cat crying outside could mean a lot of things apart from the bad omen which people believe in. Animals like cats can sense any natural calamity faster than humans. So, there could be chances of any disaster in disaster-prone areas. When they see unknown people or sense any kind of danger, they may also cry to alert or warn people. Apart from that, the cat could be in danger or might have any problem of its own. Therefore, before reaching any conclusion, one must think about the reasons for which there might be a cat crying at night outside.

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How to Stop the Cat from Crying?

how to stop cats crying at night

There are lots of ways by which you can make the cat stop crying. The cats crying at night superstition must not be followed without any proper logic. Instead of scaring the cat away or injuring it, one must try to find the reason and help the animal out in any case.

  • Try to feed the cat. If the cat is hungry, giving some food to it might help it to calm down.
  • Try to find if the cat is in some kind of pain or injury. The cat must be taken to the vet or must be taken care of to relieve of its injury.
  • If it is a pet cat, it can be crying for attention. In that case, try playing with it to divert its attention from crying.
  • Get a few night lights around the house. The cat might not feel disoriented or lose its way in the streets.

Just like any other animal, cats are also such harmless animals unless provoked in any way. They must not be injured or harmed for no reason. There is no such thing called bad omen associated with animals like a cat or any other living or non-living beings. Therefore, instead of blaming the cats for bad fate or death, one must try to find the reason and try to solve it. Like any other living being, cats also need care and attention at times. So, the age-old belief must be ditched and instead proper reasoning must be applied to such superstitions.

5 Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Reviews for Cats 2018


Self Cleaning Litter Box for a pet is an essential thing for making them well-trained and well mannered and for the safety of your house from harmful germs and bacteria causes pet’s litter, which can make you sick if you have low immune power.

If you are looking for a smart way to reduce all those routine hassles with your cat regarding litter and want an appropriate solution then this article is dedicated to those cat owners, here we are going to introduce you some hilarious and best self-cleaning litter boxes for cats. You can also try any of these automatic cat feeders.

We know that you love your pet so much and they become a precious and important family member like others but doing litter anywhere make you feel frustrated and annoyed. Pets are innocent like children, they have no idea what they are doing, if you train them well they will definitely follow the rule but now train them in a smart way and shake hands with the advanced technology, which is specially invented by pet owners because they have much knowledge of your trouble.

In this article, we will discuss 5 best cleaning litter boxes reviews for cats and everything about the products, so read carefully and choose the right one. Let’s take a closer look at those products:

1. Petsafe ScoopFree ultra self-cleaning cat litter box

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

ITEM NAME: PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Covered, Automatic with Disposable Tray, 2 Color Options


You will please to know that how technology has changed the world and made the daily life easy and comfortable and relaxed. Now keeping a pet at your home is no more a headache and who love to keep many pets at the same time will also be happy with this wonderful product.

The ScoopFree ultra self-cleaning cat litter box is a smart innovation of Petsafe brand. This litter box is fully automatic and you need not do scooping and cleaning every day. The litter box is based on the self-cleaning system, it will clean everything by itself and you just need to throw the litter out and that’s it.

It has much power to reducing the foul odor and prevents from spreading in the house. The box contains a lid system for the privacy and keeping the litter in the box until you throw it away. The maintenance and assembling are quite easy, once you load the disposable tray, plug it in and see the magic.

It has digital sensors, which record the time of your cat usage. The pre-filled crystals absorb the smell and moisture of the box and dehydrate the solid garbage. After 20 minutes the automatic machine starts the cleaning process and pushes the litter in the disposable cover.

Your cat will love to use the product, and make sure that provide this product above 6 months old cats if you want to provide before then switch off the plug and do the scooping by yourself for few months.


  • The litter box is a unique product without scooping or refilling it and cleans itself for several weeks and crystal absorbing formula is dust free and works great; it absorbs the pee and odor as well as dehydrates the solid material.
  • The outside lining of the box prevents the leakage and provides easy cleaning. The product is quite sturdy and attractive with a high-quality packing and an invention of Petsafe Company that is a fine insurance for fine quality and long life of the product.
  • You just need to load it, it will take a minute to start the process and that’s it. The lid lock system reduces the litter tracking and holds the litter in the box.
  • Most of the people are satisfied with the product and assign the 5-star rating to this. Try to place this litter box in a less moisture area.


  • Some people complained of the disposable tray that they were looking for a permanent solution, but it can ignore in front of the advantages of this product.

2. Petsafe Scoopfree self-cleaning cat litter box

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

ITEM NAME: PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box


Another great product of a Petsafe Scoopfree brand is this self-cleaning cat litter box, which is dedicated to a simple and smart look and specially designed for naughty cats. It will change your routine mess into a relaxed mode and you can easily maintain and assemble this product.

Like the previous product, you just need to load and plug-in the litter box, wait for a minute and its smart crystal absorb the solid and liquid waste and reduce the foul odor from spreading out in your house. After that, you can dispose of the bottom for extra cleaning.

It has also smart sensors included that detects the time when your cat will use it, after 20 minutes of using the litter box automatically absorb and dehydrate the solid garbage and excess moisture.

You can remove the disposable tray after few weeks or whenever you need to change. Your cat will love to use the product, if you find no response from your cat regarding the litter box, then a simple trick can help you for sure, do not clean the old one litter box and place this one near to the old one and wait for few days and your cat will surely use this one.


  • The admirable self-cleaning litter box cleans itself for weeks, no need of scoping and those hectic and no need to tolerate the nasty smell of cat poop.
  • The smart crystal formula prevents the litter tracking and it is 100% dust free and absorbs all the moisture and solid material in seconds and puts it to the disposal wrap, which you can easily throw outside.
  • The outer lining works as a guard so the pee can’t spread outside the box, the design is also sturdy and attractive, which will surely fit and suit to your home décor.
  • The Petsafe brand is highly reliable and a well-known brand of US so you can buy this product without any worry. Most of the customers have positively reviewed this product with a 5-star rating.


  • Some people complained that the crystal formula that absorbs the pee and solid waste does not work as expected. As well as the disposable tray has also poor response.
  • The product does not work for a long time, which is quite annoying.

3. Petsafe simply clean automatic litter box

PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box

ITEM NAME: PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box System

ASIN: B000GF0X38

Petsafe simply clean automatic litter box is quite an excellent product for those cat owners who are looking for a simple and effective solution for their pooch. It has also automatic cleaning formula that works great.

The circular moving bowl that is connected with the litter box rotates in the gap of certain time and cleans up the litter box properly. The solid material is sifted out and moved to the conveyer belt and collects to the removable box that is attached to the litter box.

You need to just throw out the litter and that’s it, all the main work will do by this smart and tiny machine. The quality of the product is also good as it helps to reduce the litter tracking and poor odor.

There are only four simple steps available to assemble the product, first of all, you need to fill the box with clumping clay and fill it to the marked line. Then the rotating conveyor moves continuously per hour and it will carry the waste and out it to the waste bin box, you can wrap a disposable bag around the box for convenient cleaning.


  • The simple design of this litter box make this more worth and easy to understand, now you need not scooping or cleaning the litter, which will reduce your energy and daily hassle.
  • The assembling is quite easy and has low power usage; you can use disposable bags for more clean up.
  • It is suitable for 15 pounds weighted cats and the product has one year warranty.
  • The Petsafe brand is an assurance of fine and sturdy quality and long life of the litter box.


According to the reviews of several customers, the product didn’t work as expected; the conveyer belt didn’t work well. Also, the product needs extra care and attention and not suitable for big sized cats as well.

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4. LM680C automatic self-cleaning litter box

LM680C Automatic Self-Cleaning Classic Litter Box

ITEM NAME: LitterMaid LM680C Automatic Self-Cleaning Classic Litter Box (LM680C)

ASIN: B0097576MY

LitterMaid classic litter box allows your cat a clean environment with a clean and germs free house. This litter box has numbers of advantages which make you fall in love with this machine.

It has a short sensor system, which will stop during your cat usage and later on when your cat will complete her business the cleaning startup will continue after 10 minutes automatically. The cleaning cycle starts with the automatic rake that will move back and forward and scoop out the solid waste and put it to the receptacle.

The other plus point of this product is you can on sleep timer when you are not using the litter box like at night. The product has 8 waste receptacles, a paw cleaning pitch that prevents from litter tracking, 8 carbon filters, AC adapter and a fine battery backup. You can easily assemble the litter box as given instructions, once you maintained it well you can leave everything on this litter box as well as your cat will love to use this.


  • The quality and the classic look of the product are admirable and attractive; it has multi-functions that are the perfect choice for your feline friend.
  • The automatic rake and sleep timer helps to reduce your hassle and provides easy cleaning, you can remove the rake during cleaning.
  • The advanced cleaning technique reduces odor and litter tracking that makes your house germs-free and neat and clean.
  • Fill the litter as the mentioned line or it can harm the product and read out the whole instructions carefully before using this product.
  • The LitterMaid brand care for you and your cat and it is quite a reliable brand, which provides you an effective self-cleaning litter box for making your life mess-free and comfortable.


  • The assembling is a little difficult so many people don’t understand that how to fix it.

5. IRIS top entry cat litter box

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

ITEM NAME: IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box


The simple and classy IRIS litter box is easy to use that comes with a scoop. This unique litter box is an open top box and your furry friend can sit on the top and can finish her business easily.
You will find a built-in pitch that prevents the litter tracking, the scoop is a helpful and handy way to clean the whole area well and it comes with a hanging hook for better care and storage.

The design of the litter box is cool and sturdy and it is a lightweight product so you can easily move this anywhere. The product is available in different colors so you have multiple choices. The big round entrance is also fine with a grooved lid.


  • The sleek and classy design will attract you in one sight, the quality is quite sturdy and color options make this product more worth.
  • It provides your furry friend a private area for his private job and prevents the other pet to play with the litter.
  • Most of the customers review it with 5-star rating that is a positive response to this product.


  • It has no automatic cleaning so you need to do it by yourself and some people complained that they didn’t get an appropriate piece of this so you must check properly whenever you buy it.


So these are the 5 best self-cleaning litter boxes reviews for cats, each of them has own positive and negative reviews but all the litter boxes are awesome and having multiple functions and advantages.

One can choose the litter box according to the choice and desire. Read the instructions properly and follow all the steps that will enhance the product’s life and the way of working. After all, your feline friend is special and it can be a smart gift for your pooch and always choose the right and fine quality product because pets depend on us and we must take care of them.

3 Best Hidden Cat Litter Box Reviews & Buyer Guide 2018

hidden cat litter box

Looking for an excellent hidden cat litter box for your one of the most pretty and lovely pet friend? Well, we must say that this article will surely be going to help you with that. Pet’s litter issue is one of the major concerns of every pet owner, especially for those people who love a neat and clean house.

Of course, there are many other tasks are still in queue related to your home and related to your office and who will clean the cat litter and pee whole day, sometimes the situation can be very annoying, especially for a housewife. But now you need not worry about the messy life because now technology has changed many things and the products we are going to introduce and review here are built by pet owners because nobody can understand the requirements like them.

Why Hidden Cat Litter Box?

The cat owners will be happy and surprised to know that now creative ideas have become more efficient and effective for the owners as well as for the cat. Now you need not hide the cat litter box so the guests can’t able to see and now gone are the days of those weird and ugly cat litter boxes which spoils the whole royal look of your house.

All of the products are quite cat-friendly and perfect, and these hidden cat litter boxes will suit your home décor and lifestyle because all the cat litter boxes have a natural and a rustic view.

Let’s take a closer look at 3 best-hidden cat litter boxes reviews

Good pet stuff company hidden cat litter box

Pet stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

Good pet stuff company hidden cat litter box is highly recommended and beautiful cat litter box with a plant and in the lower side, you will find a quality space for your cat’s daily business. Your cat can easily enter in the box and can finish her task with privacy and safety.

Its sturdy and attractive design is quite fine as well as the filter and prevents foul smell and dust. The size of the box is also huge, which is favorable for big sized cats as well. Without the plant, it is 20” in height, which is a good dimension. When you flip the box side you will get a beautiful pot with a plant and on the other side, you will get the cat litter box.


  1. The hidden cat litter box is a very attractive litter box, which looks like an actual plant but on the lower, you will get an actual litter box, which is large in size and with the plant the size contains 42” that is quite big for all sized cats.
  2. The whole litter box is made of polypropylene that is a durable and reliable material for making strong things.
  3. It comes with a filter vented design, which helps to control the dust and odor of the litter spreading in the home.
  4. Your cat will love to use this product and it will make your life comfortable and mess-free. You can easily move this litter box anywhere in your house, it is light-weight and easy to carry.

Most of the customers reviewed this is an excellent product with a five-star rating, so if you have still any doubt, then you can check the reviews and question-answer field for more satisfaction.


Some people complained that the naughty cat destroys the plant, but this is not a big con of this product, so you can easily buy this without any worry.


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Merry products cat washroom bench, white

Merry cat washroom bench is also a good Hidden Cat litter box, high-class product of Merry Company that believes in only one phenomenon of building and creating advanced and pleasing pet products, which are easy to use, considered pet-friendly with an intelligent technology as well as cost-effective and this smart litter box is also counted in those products.

Merry Products Cat Washroom Hidden Bench Litter box

In first sight, you won’t able to recognize that this is a hidden cat litter box because usually, it looks like a common corner set, but when you will flip the side you will find a huge spaced cat litter box, which is suitable for large sized cats as well.

This litter box has a wonderful system for managing the litter procedure. The removable walls create a fine space so you can scoop out the litter easily. The entrance of the litter box is also fine; your cat can easily enter and exit from the box.

You can place this Hidden Cat litter box anywhere in your house and it will increase the look and style of your house and the other plus point is that no one could even guess that this is a litter box until your furry friend tells them. The product is available in two attractive colors that are white and walnut colors. You can choose according to your wish.


  1. The size of this Hidden Cat litter box is admirable that allows your cat to do the routine work with an ease and in privacy, especially if your feline friend is quite shy by nature.
  2. The seamless bottom also works great and well, you can remove the middle partition door for extra space, which is optional. Any size of litter box can be fit in this hidden table design.
  3. The product quality is sturdy and versatile and easy to remove anywhere you want to remove. Also, the litter box has made with natural wood, which ensures for high quality and easy maintenance.
  4. Now you can have a mess-free routine regarding your cat’s litter issue, you can easily scoop out the litter from the box. Most of the customer reviews it a five-star rating cause of its sturdy look and service.


  1. According to some customer, the product is a little bit expensive, especially for them who have more cats than one.


Casual canine cat washroom nightstand pet house

Again the Merry Products has made a super attractive cat washroom nightstand for your feline friend. Very cool look and easy of maintained and ease of assembling of this Hidden Cat litter box will make your day.

Casual Canine Cat Washroom hidden litter box

The multi-functional cat litter box can be used as a nightstand, a coffee table or tea table, or for keeping small things of your house, no one can believe that this is a cat litter box that’s why it’s called hidden. It can be also used as a pet house, suitable for small and medium-sized cats. You can easily place this product anywhere in your house; it is easy to removable, which you can do by yourself.

The magnetic door system enhances easy cleaning and scooping of the litter, also, you can place a large-sized litter box in this stand. The top shelf has 50 lbs capacity of lifting the weight, and the stainless steel rods looks great and shows like an advanced and modern creation.

The product is quite sturdy and made of fine wooden, which ensures you for high quality and long life. The outlook and the hardware uses is perfect, the people who are looking for a cool and comfortable cat litter box for their pooch, they must choose this litter box for sure.


  1. The classy, attractive look of this Hidden Cat litter box is quite comfortable and suitable for your home décor and even for your bedroom.
  2. The fine magnetic doors and cabinets are easy to use and clean, the high-quality woods prevent from the foul odor and the seamless base is also strong and heavy.
  3. Your cats and small sized dogs can rest here and sleep in the box easily, the wide entrance provides an easy entrance and exit, and even your pets can sit on the top of the nightstand in the spare time.
  4. The product comes with 1-year warranty, so you can use this without any worry regarding quality or service. Also, the product is available in three colors, so you can choose according to your desire.
  5. A large sized cat containing 15 lbs can also fit in the box and your cat will surely fall in love with the product and you can also have a mess-free routine with your furry friend.
  6. Many of customers have reviewed this hidden box as a nice product with a five-star rating, if you are ordering from online, then you would be pleased to happy that you can return or replace this item if you got the defected one.


  1. Some people complained of the tough hardware of the product as well as the product shipped in worse condition, but as we said that you can replace it.



As you come to know that all the hidden cat litter boxes are great and excellent. All of the products are only made for your comfort and your pet’s comfort. The products are available in different colors, so you have many options if you are a choosy person. As well as the products are easy to use and maintain, they will suit your house well and make your life mess-free and happy so as of your cat, so read the instructions and reviews carefully that will surely help you for purchasing.

3 Best Modkat Litter Box Reviews for Cats

modkat litter box

Modkat Litter Box: The pets are like an innocent child, you need extra care and attention to them, their hygiene, their food and safety, all works needs a little patience. Like a child learns everything step by step so as your pet learns but it also needs a good training.

If you are also an owner of a cute and furry cat, then this article is dedicated to a major concern of cat owners and that is a potty training of your feline.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to some super and nest cat litter boxes. Now, gone are days of those ideas when owners fill the cat box with the sand and ashes and do such efforts for keeping their house neat and clean. Now the advanced technology and smart ways have developed the regarding ideas more and In modern time you must go for the advanced and pet-friendly technology.

Choosing an appropriate product can make your life more comfortable and hassle-free. Now you need not do such efforts for your cat’s potty trouble.

Modkat had discovered the finest and excellent quality litter boxes for your furry friend, which are easy to use and clean, and also suits your budget.

Let’s take a closer look at 3 best Modkat litter box reviews for cats:

1. Modkat flip litter box

Modkat flip cat litter box

ITEM NAME: Modkat flip litter box with scoop and reusable liner


The Modkat flip litter box is a great product for cleaning and scooping as well as it provides the whole privacy to your pooch friend. The product has a fine outer look as well as a fine performance. One can choose the privacy option like fully closed, half closed or fully open. Its reusable liner provides a mess and trouble-free litter solution.

The flip side of this litter box is a smart way, which prevents foul odor and litter scattering. It has 3 lid locks that provide the three ways of cleaning and ease of washing. You just open up the lid and scoop the litter out from the box. You can open half for regular cleaning or can open full for the lining. A walk-off pitch and seamless bottom base are the plus points of this product.

Modkat flip litter box Pros

  • The Modkat flip litter box is quite favorable for all sized cats, it prevents pee leakage and litter scattering.
  • Its 3 lid service is a great advantage for cleaning and managing the litter system of your cat and your cat would love to use this smart litter box.
  • Its reusable liner and a hanging scoop is a plus point, which makes this product more users friendly and mess-free.
  • The height of this litter box is also suitable even your cat would love to sit on the top of the box.
  • The four hooks of lid enhance the cat’s security and privacy.
  • The product quality is also fine and sturdy so as the liner quality is, the reusable liner can stay up to 3 months and the inner bottom of this litter box is smooth and seamless.
  • Many customers are satisfied with the product design and especially, with the 3 lid lock system.

Modkat flip litter box Cons

  • The inner liner does not fit well sometimes causes its small size. The inner corners are quite hard and tough to clean the urine from inside.
  • The reusable liners do not work as expected.


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2. Modkat litter box, top entry (Recommended)

Modkat litter box, top entry

ITEM NAME: Modkat Litter Box, Top-Entry, Looks Great, Reduces Litter Tracking, Includes Scoop and Reusable Liner


This Modkat litter box is highly recommended to cat owners because it’s fine quality and great skills. One of the highest ranked and award winner litter box looks stunning and removes the whole signs of litter tracking. The design has been in patent mode and its sturdy look and lid locking system provide you the best and smart way to keep your cat away from flour during litter.

The Modkat reusable liner is far better than other litter boxes. The scoop and the handle have an ergonomic capacity that clean the litters like a smart machine.

The litter box has seamless quality, that prevents the pee leakage from the box and helps to stay your floor clean and dry whole day and especially works better for side pee-errs. As well as the large entrance of the box allows your cat to ease for entering and outing from the box.

Modkat litter box, top entry Pros

  • The Modkat litter box is specially designed for eliminating the litter tracks and the patent design assures you for the fine quality of the product.
  • The product is easy to clean and wash, you don’t need to detach the box, again and again, just swivel the lid off and scoop out the litter out from the box. Don’t worry about the remaining litter because it will fall cleanly to the inner place of the box.
  • The reusable liners of this litter box are well fixed and fit in the litter box, and liner’s fine quality lasts up to 3 months and easy to clean, after that, you can change them easily.
  • The appealing and attracting design of this product makes this more demanding and highly recommended if you love your feline friend and do not think much about the cost, and then you must choose this product for a mess-free litter procedure of your furry catty.
  • The litter box has a big hanging scoop with a good height and a seamless bottom base, which is quite worthy and makes your life effortless and tension free regarding your pet’s litter trouble and keeps your house clean and odor-free.
  • It is the most trustable product of the year and having high positive reviews from the customers. If you are looking for a royal litter box according to your home décor, choose this without thinking for a minute.

Modkat litter box, top entry Cons

  • Some people felt that the reusable liner doesn’t work well as expected; also the litter falls out from the box when kitty tries to jump out from the litter box.
  • It is an expensive product, so if you have a low budget, then you must choose the other one because it won’t suits your budget.


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3. Modkat open tray litter box

Modkat open tray litter box

ITEM NAME: Modkat Open Tray Litter Box


This product also works well for your cat’s daily trouble and a mess-free solution to your problem. The Modkat open tray litter box comes with a simple but strong look that provides an open tray and reusable liners. The bottom tray is quite sturdy and difficult to move by your feline friend, so the litter won’t scatter here and there and it eliminates the litter tracking in your home.

The 9” tall litter box is perfect for your kitty and your cat would love to use this litter box for doing her business. An open tray is tailored to fit into the box with a walk-off pitch. As well as the entrance height of this box is 6.25”, which provides your cat with an ease of entrance and exit.

The product is said to be an excellent skill and way of working and especially suitable for big cats. If you have many cats in your home or you have a low budget, then you must choose this litter box for your feline friend.

Modkat open tray litter box Pros

  • The litter box is recommended for senior cats and the people, who are searching for a cost-effective product must choose this litter box.
  • A walk-off pitch prevents the litter scattering here and there and stops leakage, so if your cat is a side pee-errs, it will surely help you for that.
  • It has a reusable liner, which has a long lasting ability, after that you can change them manually.
  • The bottom tray is quite sturdy and can’t shrink into a smaller place, which makes an effortless litter procedure. Your cat would love to use this litter box.

Modkat open tray litter box Cons

  • The litter box doesn’t contain a scoop or the hanging area for the scoop, which is a minus point of this product.
  • Many people have complained about the reusable liner and walk-off platform, the litter can spread everywhere if your cat jumps out from the box.
  • If you ignore some negative points, then this product also has fine reviews.



So as you see the entire negative and positive reviews of all the cat litter boxes, it will make you take a right decision for your feline friend. Modkat is a perfect choice for your cat that provides the different products with beautiful design, that goes well with your home décor as well as a fine quality product for making your life trouble-free.

Modkat is an excellent service where modern cats do their business and they love to use these products. Also, you can get your home neat and clean and odor free, just trained your cat according to the requirements and that’s it. Just read the instructions carefully and follow them, also, you can have those products at your doorstep, just with a simple online booking or you can also call for any query.

Choose the right and best product and make your life and your pet’s life easy and comfortable.

Can cats eat Rice, Tuna, Bread, Eggs, Ham, and Cheese?

can cats eat rice tuna bread eggs

We do love our pet, especially cats, and dogs and why not? They also love us and very loyal and do care of us. People, who are much connected with their cats, are quite concerned about the food, which they give their cat must read this article.

This article is dedicated to the cat owners and here we will try to suggest you about some special eatable things, which will help you to clear your doubt for what your cat, can eat and what can’t eat.

Let’s take a closer look-

Can cats eat Rice?

can cats eat rice

The answer is big yes.

Your cat can eat rice because rice has a rich amount of carbohydrates, which provides the sufficient energy to your loving cat. Rice is a light food for your furry cat and it is easy to digest. Make sure that the rice should be well-cooked, do not serve your cat raw rice or uncooked rice because it can create a trouble for your cat.

Also, do not serve the rice in a high amount because your cat also needs to eat meat and related products. Much rice intake can lead your cat to mall-nourishment as well. You can feed rice to your cat twice or thrice in a week.

Always use automatic feeders to feed your cats in a proper way & and at the time. You can use any of these automatic cat feeders.

Can cats eat Tuna Fish?

can cats eat tuna fish

Yes, why not.

There is no big difference between human and pets regarding eating habits and likes and dislikes. People love to eat Tuna fish and so as the cats are. Tuna is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and protein and the taste is amazing as well. Your cat will definitely love to eat tuna but as an owner, you need to take care of few things.

Your cat can be addicted of tuna and it has no all the vitamins and nutrients values that are essential for your cat. Also, if you are serving canned tuna then choose the less salted tuna because canned tuna has much salt and oil which can be harmful to your feline.

Can cats eat Bread?

can cats eat bread

The answer is, sometimes.

Cats can eat well-baked bread sometimes. As we know that bread has such no nutritional value so feeding bread to your cat on regular basis has really no point. If you have any occasion or party then for sometimes you can serve a small portion of bread but make sure that the dough should not be raw or do not feed stale bread.

Also, do not spread any kind of sauce, peanut butter or any jelly on the bread. The other important thing to notice that if you are making the bread at home then never feed the bread dough to the cat.

Can cats eat Eggs?

can cats eat eggs

Well, of course, but only cooked eggs.

Eggs are rich in protein and calcium and other basic nutrients and vitamins, which are fine for your cat’s health and growth. Make sure that always serve cooked or boiled eggs to your cat. Raw eggs especially, a white raw portion of eggs is not good for your cat’s health and digestive system.

Though you can serve yellow egg part to your cat still do not feed her more and on regular basis, occasionally it can be served but still do not serve white egg portion, so pay a little attention while serving raw egg yolk.

Can cats eat Ham?

can cats eat ham

Well, it depends.

Cats can eat ham but it should be a good quality ham with fewer preservatives and chemical usage. If you are serving a fine quality ham then your cat can eat ham anytime but if you are using low- quality ham then try to avoid this.

Sometimes it can happen that your cat may not like it, so first check a small portion of ham, if your cat likes to eat then serve more otherwise do not force her for eating.

The low quality and cheap ham can spoil your cat’s health and if long-term served then the situation can be worse. So always buy ham from a popular butcher shop.

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Can cats eat Cheese?

can cats eat cheese

It depends.

Cheese is a rich source of protein and cats love to it this. But several studies have been proved that sometimes plenty of cheese can lead through digestive issues and diarrhea to your cat.

If you want to feed the cheese to your cat then start with a small portion of cheese then wait for a day, if your cat has no adverse effects of cheese then you can serve occasionally not on regular basis. Also, do not feed your cat excessive dairy products.

So here, we have mentioned some important suggestion for your favorite pet. If you are still in doubt then you must ask an expert as well for more information.

5 Best PetSafe Automatic Feeder for Cats & Dogs Reviews 2018

petsafe automatic feeder for pets

Do you have cats and dogs at your home? Are you looking and searching for buying pet feeders for your lovely pet? Well, then we must say that this article will surely be going to help you. Here we are going to mention some magnificent and helpful pet safe automatic feeder for cats and dogs.

Pets are said to be the most prominent and loyal friends of the humans. Many people love their pets so much and they really care for their basic needs like feeding, bathing, cleaning, and nursing etc.

We always recommended for the best, if you also do care for your pet then do not compromise for the quality and brand.

Here we will highly recommend you that you must go for the “PetSafe” brand because they are one of the best brands and products for your pet. You can easily feed your pet with advanced technique of automatic pet feeder. Let’s take a closer look at that:-

1. Petsafe smart feed automatic pet feeder

Petsafe smart feed automatic pet feeder

#1 Recommendation by our Team

ITEM NAME: Petsafe smart feed automatic dog and cat feeder, smartphone, 24 cups, Wi-Fi enabled

The Petsafe smart feed has been built especially for smart pet owners because its smartphone technology and Wi-Fi enabled system provides you to install your product from anywhere. You can take help of the mobile app for controlling the feeder’s options and portions of the meal.

How Petsafe smart feeder works (Manual)

The smart feed feeder can be accessed by iPhones and Android phones. You can set the meal portions and time according to the schedule.

Petsafe smart feeder Pros

  1. You can set 12 meals on a day for your pet.
  2. You can track your pet’s feed from anywhere via Wi-Fi and mobile app.
  3. All the parts of the product can be easily washable.

Petsafe smart feeder Cons

  1. Sometimes if the network goes slow then it can be difficult to keep an eye on the process.



2. Petsafe 5-Meal automatic pet feeder

Petsafe 5-Meal automatic pet feeder

ITEM NAME: Petsafe 5-Meal automatic cat and dog feeder with digital clock

This product is also friendly to your cats and dogs. The digital clock helps you to set the timer and the food portions. You can feed 5 meals in a single day. Also, the slow feeding system maintains the weight of your pet and enhances the habit of slow eating. Your pet will love their food and will never run from food.

Petsafe 5-Meal automatic feeder Pros

  1. The PetSafe 5-meal feeder is based on advanced method, now you need not wake up early for feeding your pet.
  2. This feeder divides the food into 4 proportions, if you are out of the home then this can help to feed your pet safely.
  3. The product contains 4-D alkaline batteries which is a good feature.
  4. It prevents your pet from quick eating or gulping.

Petsafe 5-Meal automatic Feeder Cons

  1. The product contains 5 meals, which is a low amount if you are outside of the home.


3. Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder

Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder

ITEM NAME: Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder, dispenses the food, digital clock, and LCD screen

The PetSafe 6-meal automatic feeder is the excellent product for busy pet owners. The easy programming, easy to clean bowl, safety locking lid, immediate feed option, and 1 – 6 meal in a single day, all the features are highly recommendable and favorable for pet owners, as well as your pet will love to feed via this product.

How Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder works (Manual)

The 6-meal automatic feeder allows you to set the timer according to your schedule. You can either set the digital clock for six meals in a day, two meals or four as your wish.

You can also set the timer for large feed in a single day for over 5 days. You can push the immediate button for starting the feeder, and use the sleeping mode for pausing mode for stopping it. The product will dispense the meal into small portions, and your pet can eat without any difficulty.

Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder Pros

  1. Its clear locking technology prevents from stealing food by your pet or flipping the food tray.
  2. The instructions and processing for using the Petsafe 6-meal are quite easy and simple, even a child can install it.
  3. The 4-D alkaline and advanced batteries give the product long-running power.
    All the parts of product and steel bowl are very is to wash and clean.
  4. Easy maintenance and the prices are also cost-effective.

Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder Cons

  1. The product is not waterproof, so you need a little care and only for indoor using.


Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder Customer reviews

The Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder has the highest positive reviews of the customers and highly recommended by us as well.

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4. Petsafe healthy pet simply feed automatic feeder

Petsafe automatic feeder

This product is the highly recommended to the customers, who are looking for an effective feeder for their pets. This Petsafe product automatically works and serves 12 meals in a single day. You can easily process the automatic feeder, doesn’t matter you are at home or outside.

Petsafe Automatic Feeder Manual

Petsafe feeder simply dispenses the food portions according to the setting; you can change the setting as well from slow to medium or fast.

The automatic feeder can reserve 24 cups of food amount into its hopper so whenever you feel to feed the pet you can on the system. Slow feeding system help to maintain the weight of your pet as well.

Petsafe Automatic feeder Pros

  1. The Petsafe automatic feeder has a digital clock installed, which take care of the whole meal portions.
  2. It has an anti-jam technology, which apportions the semi-moist and dry food in few minutes in different sizes and portions.
  3. Slow mode help to feed slowly so pet will never feel like vomiting or engulf, it dispenses the parts 1/8 cup over 12 minutes.
  4. You can go for fast/immediate feed mode or medium feed mode, and instantly can Pause or stop the process.
  5. Its advanced technology helps to keep the food fresh, which will attract your pet more for feeding securely and safely.
  6. It has stainless steel bowl for food, which is bacteria free and hygienic and you can wash easily and quickly.

Petsafe Automatic feeder Cons

  1. The Petsafe automatic feeder is quite perfect for cats and small dogs; the product is not made for big dogs or big cats.
  2. Many people are unable to understand the proper instructions for the product.


Petsafe Automatic feeder Customer reviews

Mostly customers reviewed it as the best product for their cats and dogs.

5. Petsafe 2 Meal automatic pet feeder

Petsafe 2 Meal automatic pet feeder

ITEM NAME: Petsafe 2 Meal automatic dog and cat feeder, dispenses dog and cat food

This product looks quite simple but stunning, the device allows your pet to feed slowly. The product conveniently allows you to set the timer up to 2 days. Each portion of food includes 1.5 cups of meal, so your pet will never remain hungry.

Petsafe 2 Meal automatic feeder Pros

  1. Easy to clean, easy to use and easy to install.
  2. Help to maintain the excess weight of your pet as well as gulping the food quickly.

Petsafe 2 Meal automatic feeder Cons

  1. The size of the product is quite big.
  2. The pet can be able to open the lid sometimes.



Petsafe brand is quite creative and innovative brand for pets, which is passionate to produce amazing products for your lovely pets. You can blindly trust on Petsafe brand because they never compromise with the quality and service.

Do Male Cats kill Kittens? Why Do Male Cats Eat Kittens?

Male Cats kill Kittens

Do you want to know why do male cats kill kittens? Why do male cats eat kittens? Even, sometimes, mother (mom) cats kill and eat their kittens (babies). If you do own cats then you might have gone through the situations where your cat killed you kittens, right?

You would have thought Why did my cat kill her kittens… In this post, we will be covering all that you need to know about your cats and their safety. You will get to know at what age are kittens safe from tomcats. Why do cats eat their kittens after birth?

Cats are considered to be solitary animals domestically and in the feral situation. Cats are usually organized in groups just like the other cat family lions pride.

Cat family groups are usually matriarchal and dominated by a female while the males only get to be available when one of the females is available for mating or is on the heat. Though it is uncommon to have some groups that have a resident male cat as the leader.

Why Do Male Cats kill Kittens?

Why Do Male Cats kill Kittens

Tomcats usually establish their territory and control it, this may be groups of female cats that he has control over and repels other male cats from coming to this territory.

This establishment of territory may include killing any kittens which may have been fathered by another male cat and have the genetic complements of the rival male.

This happens to many other social animals too, few of the males will use their energy to raise the offspring of another male that is their rival.

Why do cats eat their kittens after birth?

Why do cats eat their kittens after birth

Cats have a great sense of scent that helps them to determine any intruders in their territory. If a tomcat gets scent markings of a rival tomcat he decides that the kittens that get born belong to the visiting tomcat.

This may cause him to kill all the kittens that may be born so that the females will not raise kittens that belong to his rival tomcats. This ensures that the females also come to heat much faster and he can sure of mating them again to ensure that the kittens that will come forth are his.

When a tomcat takes over a new territory that was originally owned by another tomcat that may be dead or non-competitive, the new tomcat may be driven to kill the kittens that are in the new territory so that he may bring forth kittens that are his own.

Tomcats are behaviorally like lions

Tomcats are behaviorally like lions

Tomcats are behaviorally like lions and any itinerant tomcats are not always certain if the kittens belong to them or were brought by some other tomcat especially in an area where they are competing over the females there.

This makes the mothers to have the responsibility of hiding the kittens at that stage when they are still vulnerable to the attack of the tomcat.

Though there are some situations where the males kill their own kittens they sired, this could be limiting to them as they may not be able to pass their genes to the next offspring.

There are some tomcats that are benevolent in their approach and are considered to lack the instinctive nature or it may not have been developed well. This could be as a result of lack of other tomcats around that are that may result in it being less reactive.

There are instances when some breeders raise kittens with both the male and female are around and they tend to develop benevolence because of their hormonal state that makes them to tolerate kittens from another male and only drive them away by fighting as the kittens develop sexually.

Tomcats do not usually contribute to the raising of kittens but there are a few instances when some toms tend for the young ones, supply for their food and are willing to play with the kitten. Few toms would take up the responsibility of mothering kittens and the duties that come with it.

Why do cats (male/female) Eat their Kittens?

Why do cats (male/female) Eat their Kittens?

The only problem with these toms is when it comes to play time as they would end up hurting the kittens during play time as they don’t know how to differentiate when it is play time and hunting time.

Most toms do not know how to change these modes and when the play mode goes overboard, they would be highly aroused and become violent and their hunting instincts come live and they may attempt to kill the kittens.

Toms like most other animals of prey have strong hunting instinct and once is active it may be hard to be switched off and this may be the reason why they may end up eating the kitten.

Cats killing Kittens- Reason #1

Cats usually exhibit neck biting behaviors especially when the mothers are lifting the kitten to move them from one place to another. Neck biting is also exhibited when the cats are mating and in showing dominance.

At some points, a tomcat may try to assert its dominance over the kitten especially the unruly ones that keep on disturbing it. It asserting their dominance, they may end up breaking the neck of the kitten.

Male Cats killing Kittens (Sexual Advances)- Reason #2

In some other occasions, when a tomcat is attracted to a female cat that is nursing its young ones when her hormonal state makes her to invite sexual advances from tomcats but she is not ready to mate and repelled off the tomcat. This could cause the tomcat to be frustrated and attempt to mount on her kittens and his force and energy may break the neck of the kitten.

Cats kill kittens due to sound Similarity to Prey

Cats kill kittens due to sound Similarity to Prey

The size and the sound that is produced by the kitten is similar to that produced by prey. They are both small in size and also produce high pitched sounds and make fast movements that are similar to that of prey.

These characteristics trigger tomcats to their hunting instincts and they end up eating the kittens just the same way they would treat prey.

The maternal behavior being exhibited does not hinder their hunting instincts. These may cause the tomcat to be confused with the small size of the kitten and their movement.

These may cause even tomcats that are not aggressive to act abnormally towards the kittens. Some female cats also may act in the same behavior if they see kittens of another female.

At what age are kittens safe from tomcats?

Your Kittens are safe from the above killing situations by father cat and kittens once they gain weight up to 2 pounds at least that usually happens when a kitten completes 8 to 12 weeks after the birth.

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Tomcats are usually not present to protect their offspring, though a colony male tom may drive away any intruders that may try to come in their territory mostly to protect their space rather than to secure the young ones.

Most kitten attacks usually happen at a time when the female is away from the nest as it has been seen commonly that any nesting female drives away any males that may try to attack.

What to Feed Kittens 4 Weeks Old – 3 Special Food to Feed Kittens

what to feed kittens 4 weeks old

Do you have kittens 4 weeks old and wondered what to feed kittens 4 weeks old, so that they can have a healthy living? Are you unable to provide normal food for your young kittens?

Are you also worried about the life of your kittens and in need of urgent help? The time to worry is over, in this article I will cover on what you should feed your kitten.

This is a critical stage of most kittens since the mother cat encourages the kittens to stop suckling and to start taking a different kind of food whereby the weaning process begins for these kittens.

3 Food to Feed Kittens 4 Weeks Old

Below are some of the best foods for your young kittens. Later, you should start using automatic cat feeders to feed your kittens.

1. Feeding on the gruel

gruel food for cat

From when they are 3 weeks old, young kittens are usually encouraged by their mother to stop suckling and start eating other kinds of foods. At their fourth week, they should be eating primarily a gruel mixture.

The gruel is made by mixing kitten replacement formula with warm water and high quality dry or wet kitten food to the consistency of the oatmeal.

It is recommended that any dry food that is used is first softened before feeding the kitten so it should be given enough time to sit in the water and milk replacement for a little bit more time.

Here you can go for “Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Food for Cat” Click Here a supplementary food specially made for cats. to check this product on Amazon.

When you want the kitten to taste the gruel, place a little of it at the tip of your finger and put it towards the mouth of the kitten and when the kitten follows your finger to have a bite, move it slowly towards the saucer of gruel. When they start feeding on it, over the next few weeks you should now thicken the gruel until now they are feeding on plain kitten food.

2. Feeding on the milk replacement

4 weeks old kittens milk replacement

It may seem good to give kitten cow’s milk but this doesn’t have the right nutrients for kittens as it may cause gastrointestinal upset.

Here KMR Kitten Milk Replacer Powder for Kittens & Cats is recommended.

Click Here to Check price on Amzon.

Any kind of milk replacements are meant for orphaned kittens and any baby animals, some may be meant for puppies and others for kitties. At the fourth week, kitten may still be using the milk replacement. These milk replacements may be found in pet stores, big box store and grocery stores.

3. Calorie foods

feed 4weeks old kittens calories

Newborn kittens usually require eating after every 2-3 hours but for those that are 4 weeks old their feeding pattern can cut down to 6-8 hours. If they don’t seem to like the gruel that first then you may need to still give them the milk replacement so as to ensure they get enough calories.

They require to have enough calories that are approximately eight per ounce of their body weight and most of these milk replacements contain one calorie per milliliter which would be of great help to the growth and development of the kittens.

Here you should go for “Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health Canned Cat FoodCLICK HERE to check reviews on Amazon.

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5 Best Cat Claw Clippers and Nail Trimmer Reviews

The kitten also needs to have started being playful and more frisky as he is meant to be at this stage of their life. You may need to help them out on a few occasions though because they are still babies so as to help them on the way. The mother cats usually like to keep their kitten clean all through and stimulating elimination.

They should be in a clean environment and at this age they should be in the position to poop on their own now without making themselves dirty but you may need to wipe their rear and abdomen as often with a warm, damp cotton ball to help stimulate elimination. They also need to be washed with a damp soft cloth on their body and to play to help them get socialized to cathood.


4 weeks old kittens

Kittens should be given a balanced diet completely and formulated so that it fits their needs, and their food and water dishes should be placed away from any foot traffic areas and noisy places so that they are comfortable and can reach the food.

The suitable place found should not be changed to another unless it is very necessary. Putting a plastic mat under their dish makes cleaning much easier. The kittens also should be provided with fresh and clean water always and a routine for feeding should be established.

Give your kitten a name and use her name while feeding her so that she gets used to it improve your association with them.

Transitioning to new kinds of food should be done slowly so as not to upset the kitten’s digestion, and if you intend to change the diet, introduce the new food and feed it in large amounts more often over a period of more than 5 days while reducing the amount of the other food they have been feeding on.

The kitten should be left for like an hour after eating to allow her time to digest comfortably and they should not be fed on scraps.

5 Best Cat Claw Clippers and Nail Trimmer Reviews 2018

cat claw clippers and review

Do you own a cat? Well getting them to be in their best behavior while you cut their nails or trim could be quite a hustle.

This is why it is important to train the pets so that they don’t become violent when they are touched on their paws as this would be of great help when the time to trim comes. This could start way early in their life when they are still a kitten so that they get used to the fact of being touched.

It is recommended that nail trimming is done after every 10-14 days, but before going about the business it is recommended you get a consultation from your veterinarian if in case you are not sure of the exact time you are required to do the trimming.

The ideal time to trim the nails is when the cat is when they are calm, relaxed and happy; this could be after you have fed them or after they have played with catnip toys.

Here, we are going to list 5 best Cat claw clippers & Cat nail trimmers and reviews in this post. So, let’s start…

1. Shiny Cat nail clipper

Cat nail Trimmers - Shiny

Item Name: Cat Nail Clippers with Angled Blades – Pet Nail Clippers & Trimmer for Small Animals: Dog Cat Rabbit Bird Puppy Kitten Ferret Gerbils Rat – Cat Claw Clippers Scissors & Nail Cutter – Free Ebook


This innovative nail clipper can be used as a bird nail clipper or a cat nail clipper. The blades of this trimmer are made of stainless steel and the handle is made of high-quality plastic with an anti-clip coating. These clippers can be used for just any small pets including bunny rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, gerbils and many more others.

Features of Shiny pet Nail Clipper

  1. Shiny pet nail clippers are easy to use and provide clean cuts.
  2. They are also safe to be used either professionally or just at home by anyone.
  3. They have the angled edge that is made of semi-circular steel blade which ensures that makes sure the cat is clean and precise.
  4. The clipper also has a windowed opening that makes the design of the blade to be visible.
  5. The clipper also has handles with supper grip to ensure that they don’t slide or slip from the hand while trimming, these features make the clippers to be so efficient and only require one cut.

These and many more other reasons are the reasons why professionals and veterinarians choose these pet paw nail trimmers as they can be used for multiple reasons.

These clippers are also eco-friendly as they have handles that are ergonomically made from plastics that are recycled and their production does not also harm the environment. These pet clippers also come with eBook guides as a bonus to help you learn at home how you can trim your pets.


Also, have a look at these awesome Automatic cat feeders.

2. Safari Cat Claw & Nail Trimmer

Safari professional cat Nail Trimmer

Item Name: Safari 770045 Professional Nail Trimmer


These trimmers are made from the best stainless steel quality that makes them to have a long lasting and sharp cutting edge. Trimming the nails of your cat should be done regularly as part of grooming as it essential to the well being of the pets to have their nails properly and regularly trimmed.

Cats should be accustomed to nail trimming when they are still young so that the experience is made to be enjoyable.

Features of Safari Professional Cat Claw Clipper

  1. These trimmers have a safety stop that helps to prevent injury to the cat when they are being trimmed, and the quality made is guaranteed.
  2. The trimmer is also made to be sharp and durable so that they help you for a long time.
  3. They are also fitted with handles fitted with rubber so that they are easy to handle.
  4. These clippers are made ideally to suit cat of small and medium size.


3. Pet Republique Professional Cat Nail Clippers

Pet Republique Professional Nail Clippers

Item Name: Pet Republique Professional Dog Nail Clippers with Optional Filer – Cat, Puppy, Small, Medium, & Large Dog, Large Bird Claws Nails Trimmer Tool – Protective Guard & Safety Lock.


These are one of the best professional paw nail clippers for small pets like kitten, rabbits, cat, guinea pigs, puppy and so on. They are made of thick stainless steel blades meant to last for a longer period of time.

They are also quality controlled in the process of their manufacturing and this ensures that parts do not fall apart or get loose, making it the best quality professional cat nail clippers available in the market now.

Features of Pet Republique Professional Cat Nail Clippers

  1. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee with a 2-year warranty.
  2. When about to use them, it is advisable to apply baby oil on the nails so that the quick of the nails to be visible, and if the nails are longer, you should cut just a small piece and wait for like a week before the next cutting.
  3. Any sale of products from pet Republique will give 15% of the profits rescued dogs and cats by the American Rescue Society.
  4. They are one of the best cat nail clippers and come with a protective guard to help prevent overcutting and are designed mainly for the small breeds of animals and medium-sized dogs although they may also be used on large birds too.
  5. They are also built with a handle that is non-slip so that they provide cuts that are effortless.
  6. The Clippers have a unique and angled blade that helps for comfortable and safe cutting to reduce any risks while cutting.
  7. They also come with a safety blade lock so that the blade is kept safely and conveniently.



Why do Cats Sleep on You at Night on Chest?

What Not to Feed Cats -Foods are Cats not Allowed to Eat

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4. H &H Pets Nail Clipper

H &H Pets nail trimmers

Item Name: Cat Nail Clipper and Dog Nail Clipper by H&H Pets

ASIN: B0734LW1M5

These professionally made H&H nail clippers are designed t be used for Cats, large pets, and dogs, from the medium-sized to the large size.

These clippers are made with a wider opening and with longer blades than the other smaller blades so that it is easier to trim the larger pets. They are designed like scissor-like and have a rubber coating so that you have a comfortable grip on them.

Features of H &H Pets Nail Clipper

  1. They are made of stainless steel and an easy design for using and are durable and hypoallergenic.
  2. They also come with 100% satisfaction guarantee so that if you are not fully satisfied for any reason there is the money back guarantee.
  3. Any purchase from H&H pets helps to donate 15% of the profits to Hope for Paws animal rescue organization.
  4. The Clippers are also made with bright colors on their handles so that they are easily identified and spotted where they are stored with other products.


5. JW Pet Deluxe Nail Trimmers

JW Pet Deluxe Nail Trimmers

Item Name: JW Pet Company Deluxe Nail Trimmer for Cats


This nail trimmer is made in a guillotine style for cats and makes the trimming to be safe and stress-free. It has an ergonomically built handle that is designed to be more comfortable to make the grooming pleasurable. It is also made to be easy to use and suitable for all breeds of cats.



If you feel you need more help on the type of clippers you need to use on your pet ask the veterinarian or the groomers to help with a demonstration. Nail clippers that are made for human nails can split the nails of pets and it is not advisable to use them to trim. Seek advice from groomers and those who work at pet shelters to help you identify the best clippers and offer a good demonstration of how you can cut the nails.

If during the time of trimming, your pets experience some pain and discomfort; this may cause them to develop fear and emotional effects from the experience. For you to start conditioning your pets for trimming from when they are still young, this will help them get used to the feeling and they won’t be uneasy when the trimming starts.

CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder Review 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

csf 3 cat super feeder

All your days are not the same, so are the nights. You might have got some important work for which you can’t afford to say a NO. You have to go out for your work. But there is someone waiting for you at home.

Yes, your CAT…

Will it stay hungry all night or will it find something to eat?

Is it a Brat of your house and eats like a pig?

You might face many problems related to proper feeding of your pets especially when you are not home. The vomiting problem, the overweight problem and many more…

An Automatic Cat Super Feeder is a solution to all of your problems. CSF-3 Super Feeder is one of the automatic dry food feeders for your cat with brilliant features. It can also feed your small dogs. You can control the frequency and the portion of feeding and can chill outside without any worries. This Super Feeder is being loved by a plenty of users and their cats.

CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder

csf 3 cat super feeder review

This is an automatic Cat Feeder with two high-quality polycarbonate cup extensions. It has an analog timer to set the frequency. It has multiple feeders that can be triggered simultaneously. The best part of this feeder is that it can be mounted on a wall. CSF-3 Cat super feeder has a number of positive reviews on Amazon. You can check the reviews and their happy pet’s story on Amazon review page.


CSF-3 Cat Feeder Accessories

CSF-3XL with Stand Platform Mount

This is an optional product. It has an extra 1.5 Gallon hopper and a metal bowl. It can be optionally added to the Super Feeder when you need a larger super feeder.

Dimensions: 12′ wide, 11 1/4″ depth, 25″ tall

Stand and Bowl

csf 3 cat super feeder stand and bowl

This automatic feeder comes along with a hard ABS Plastic Stand. The bowl is SAN plastic based material which can be easily washed. This base can also fit a metal bowl.

Even if your brat drops the food out, it dispersed on the edges. Your cats can easily access their food.

You can use a metal bracket and other hardware to customize your automatic Cat Feeder. You can find many ways to assemble and operate the super Feeder. This product has amazing ratings on Amazon.

Switching Power Supply

csf 3 cat super feeder power supply

It comes with 12V dc switching power supply. You can use it as an outlet to set the portion size. It can also be used to charge the timer. No need for extra batteries.

Analog Timer

csf 3 cat super feeder analog timer

You might have worried about vacations. You may even wish to turn on the feeder from your workplace. It is possible with CSF-3 Feeder special timer by which you can easily control your cat’s feeding schedule. This is indeed an overfeeding protection system.


CSF-3 Automatic Cat Feeder Features

  1. This feeder has adequate capacity of 4 ¾ cups. You can set the amount of food and points of time for the whole day. You can set it for up to 48 times in a day.
  2. This comes with adjustable parts, that is quite easy to install and easy-to-clean. You can replace even the single part if needed. No need to buy a new feeder for long.
  3. You can buy new bowls that can be locked in with the same base. You can customize your cat feeder, as CSF offered a lot of ways to operate the feeder.
  4. This Super Feeder keeps your cats healthy with timely meals. Some pets got overweight by poor eating habits.
  5. You can select the product as per your need. It comes with many options. You can also any other analog timer with this product.
  6. The Accessories are optional; you can customize your feeder.
  7. You can control the feeder from anywhere using your iPhone with Wi-Fi plugs.
  8. It will mix all types of dry food together to make your cats happy.

Personal review of CSF 3 Cat Feeder

I live with my husband and two male cats. My husband and I work in the same company but have different schedules. He loves his cats; but for me, they have no feline characteristics. They are screaming for food all the time. They eat like pigs and then vomit out. We have to do something to control their diet. Our Vet suggested us to go for an automatic feeder. I checked out a lot of Feeders, and come across the CSF-3 Automatic Cat Feeder. With a plenty of positive feedbacks and reviews, I decided to buy it for our cats. One Feeder for both the cats. My husband assembled it, and we adjusted the portion and set the timer accordingly.

I am glad, it actually worked!!! The cats seriously lost in just 3 weeks. They learned in some days that the sound means food. The weekends are super excited now. My husband and I went out for the trek, shopping, and for the spa. We sleep well in nights. We love this Feeder. I recommend this automatic CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder to all. Happy Super Feeding!!!

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Advantages of CSF 3 Automatic Cat Feeder

  • It has a solid built and variety of mounting options.
  • It has an amazing external analog timer.
  • It is capable of feeding two cats together.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It has the best customer support service.
  • It has a cat-proof chute and dispenser cover to protect it from your brats.

Disadvantages of CSF 3 Automatic Cat Feeder

  • It is costlier than other feeders available in the market.
  • The Assembling part is a bit tricky. But you can check its assembling video tutorial online.
  • The documentation is not good. It is poorly written although video clears it all.

csf cat feeder feeding

The CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder has a perfect quality of construction (Made in the USA). You can assemble this easily by watching the video. If you and your spouse are working; this is the best value for your money and indeed the best gift to your pets. Even with some problems, this is the best automatic feeder. You should definitely buy one for your pets.