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Unique Cat Trees

Unique Cat Trees You Haven’t Seen Before

Hate it when your cat claws on every piece of furniture in the house? As a cat parent myself, trust me when I say I know how it feels! And I’ve tried every possible remedy I could find, one of which involves anti-scratch tape and some wrapping action (it’s making the house look like I wrap things for a living!). Let’s see the especial cat trees with a twists. Good thing there are unique cat trees!

These let our cats be the scratching, climbing creatures they naturally are. But did you know they come in quirky styles, too? If you’re in need of unique cat furniture, here are unique cat trees you definitely need to see!

Cherry Cat Tree

Unique Cat trees
Cherry Unique Cat Tree

Have you ever seen a fruit-inspired cat tree? Well, now you have!

This Cherry Cat Tree is definitely not your ordinary cat furniture. It’s quirky, eye-catching, and well, it looks like cherries served on a cutting board.

But if you think it’s too pretty to let your cat get anywhere near it, don’t worry! It’s tough enough to handle your cat’s habits. It’s made of high-quality materials such as natural sisal rope that is moisture-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

So, if you are in need of a cat tree, look no further! This will make an awesome scratcher for your kitty and a beautiful piece of furniture inside your home.

Cactus Flower Unique Cat Tree with Dangling Ball

cactus flower unique cat trees
Cactus Flower Unique Cat Tree
Cactus Flower Unique Cat Tree

Here’s another unique cat tree you might just love: the Cactus Flower Cat Tree. Not only is it pretty to look at, but it’s also tough enough to handle your cat’s habits! It also comes with a cute little dangling ball to help your fur baby blow off some steam (instead of having to run around the house and knock off things along the way).

I love that it’s a perfect balance of fun and classy, which will make a great addition to the house. Simply place it right by your indoor plants and it should blend right in!

Pink Pony Cat Tree

pink pony unique cat trees
Pink Pony Cat Tree
Pink Pony Cat Tree

Is your kitty cat a natural diva? Then you will definitely love this Pink Pony Cat Tree! The whole design just gives that classy diva vibes most cats are known to have. And it’s definitely a cute addition to your home!

But apart from the aesthetics, I like how it comes with three scratch posts, a scratching board, and a dangling toy to allow for different cat activities. It’s also spacious enough for your cat to jump around or rest! And if you are worried your cat is too heavy for it, this unique cat tree has a thick bottom plate to ensure stability.

Mushroom Cat Tree

unique cat trees
Unique Cat Trees
Mushroom Unique Cat Trees

“Oh my goodness,” were the first words I uttered when I laid my eyes on this cat tree. I mean come on, it’s a pink mushroom! Isn’t it cute?!

Not only does it come with resting platforms and plenty of dangling toys (emphasis on “plenty”), but it also has a hiding spot your kitty will definitely enjoy. In fact, it’s big enough to entertain three to four cats!

Plus, it offers a comfortable vibe that can fit right into any type of home. Seriously, it doesn’t get any cuter than this!

Wooden Cube Unique Cat Tree

Unique Cat trees wooden cube
Wooden Cube Unique Cat Tree
Wooden Cube Unique Cat Trees

Who would have thought a cat tree could look this fashionable? It’s creative yet minimalist in style, which can definitely elevate your home’s interior design. But I bet your cat will love it even more!

This quirky cat tree can be assembled in different ways. You can stack them to create a tower or a ladder, and you can place them side by side to create a tunnel. We all know how cats can get bored easily, so this is a great feature not many cat trees offer.

It can also fit three cats that are under 10 pounds. But if you have more, you can just order more cubes. So, if you’re a pet parent who wants to provide what your cat needs sans the excessive ornamentation, then look no further!

Playhouse Cat Tree

Playhouse Unique Cat tree
Playhouse Cat Tree
Unique Cat trees

Can’t get your cat to move around the way he used to when he was still a kitty? Then you (and he!) will certainly fall in love with this awesome cat tree. It’s so big, it’s a playground of its own!

This multi-layered cat tree gives your fur baby the option to play, lounge, and nap. It offers an adorable playhouse, a fun-looking staircase, more platforms at the bottom, and a silent treadmill!

As for quality, it can definitely cater to different types of cats. It’s designed to withstand rough movement and heavy load. Just make sure to find a corner at home where it fits perfectly!

Tree Cat Tree

Tree Unique Cat Tree
Tree Cat Tree
Tree Cat Tree

Looks like someone just took “cat tree” literally. And I’m definitely loving it!

This unconventional Tree Cat Tree (try saying that 10 times!) works great for families with more than one cat.  It offers multiple platforms, a scratch post, and artificial leaves–all of which encourage different feline activities such as scratching, jumping, climbing, hiding, and lounging.

And if your cats are on the heavy side, no problem! This cat furniture is sturdy enough to withstand loads as heavy as 32 pounds. Even better, it can also function as an artificial indoor plant inside your home.

Now, you don’t have to worry about keeping your kitty’s claws away from your furniture!

Coconut Unique Cat Tree

Unique Cat trees
Coconut Cat Tree
Tree Cat Tree

Love coconuts? Then get your hands on this Coconut Cat Tree! It’s stylish enough to keep inside a house and durable enough for your cat’s quirky habits!

It also offers different levels of fun for both young and adult cats. And thanks to its creative yet modern design, it will surely fit right into your living room or bedroom.

It specially designed to endure heavy scratching without hurting your cat’s claws. And that’s it! If you’re in need of unique cat trees, I highly suggest that you go with these ones. Not only will they protect your furniture from your cat’s quirky behaviors, but they will also make a great addition to your home!