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Perfect for Multi-pet homes

Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder Review For Cats & Dogs

Are you having pets in your home? Did you have any idea about the Surefeed microchip pet feeder? Then proceed further with this article and collect the complete details about it. In general, the Surefeed microchip pet feeder is one of the most effective microchip feeders, which will work with the RFID technology. This feeder will consist of the lid which will stay closed at all times by blocking the food.

Surefeed microchip pet feeder Review for Cats & Dogs process can be accessed by the assigned pet via its microchip. It may be either implanted or a collar tag. In case your pet is not microchipped, then you can make use of the sure flap RFID collar tag which can work effectively. When the authorized pet gets near the feeder and then puts its head below the hood to eat means, then the lid can automatically open. Microchip activated pet feeder can make the pet to eat its food.

This Surefeed comes with the one silicone mat and two detachable colored polypropylene bowls for an effective looking unit. The bowl consists of the capacity of around 2.2/5 cup dry foods. In case you have set up two or more feeders, then you can able to easily find each unit. This can be happened with the respect pet by buying additional mats and bowls or simply to have the backup set. The mats have been designed to get stored food and it matches the bowls.

This unit works effectively with the 4-C alkaline batteries and this features the low battery indicator. The battery can able to last approximately from 6 months to 12 months based on the use. This product is not particularly designed to work with the various rechargeable batteries and check Surefeed microchip pet feeder Review for Cats & Dogs for more info.

What is Surefeed microchip pet feeder?

surefeed microchip feeder

Basically, the Surefeed microchip pet feeder is one of the most effective pet bowls which can unlock the food the authorized. The authorized pet describes the pet which is having a correct microchip. The lid will smoothly pull back to provide the food to the pet when it approaches near the bowl. This feeder consists of the capability to measure the food for your pet in a perfect manner. The lid is much secured since it will only open in case an authorized pet gets into the hood. You should never miss this pet feeder in case your surrounding is located with other outside cats or dogs.

  • It is compatible with the complete microchip all over the world
  • It can able to perfectly work with your pet’s RFID collar tags or existing microchip implant
  • In its memory, it can able to accept around 32 microchip IDs
  • It almost consists of the capacity of 13.5 fl oz dry or wet food
  • It maintains the children from eating or manipulating the pet’s food
  • Selective feeder system which can stop other pets via eating your pet’s food
  • It also consists of the single portioned bowl for the split portioned bowl or dry food to feed dry and wet food
  • It is very much suitable for cats at the time of special diet or prescription diets food
  • Removable mat, lid, and bowl are available for the easy cleaning
  • The rubber seal around the top edge of the bowl forms the sealed lid which can able to maintain the food sealed and good
  • Battery life indicator
  • This pet feeder can able to effectively work on the 4-C alkaline batteries
  • The weight will be almost 3.3 pounds
  • It can be mainly useful for the indoor purpose only
  • A three-year warranty is given, so don’t worry about the repair issues
  • One month money-back guarantee also provided.


How to use Surefeed microchip pet feeder?

If you set up this pet feeder perfectly, then sure it can able to operate well while your pet gets near and eat its food. This feeder consists of the hood with the sensors on both sides. So when the pet moves towards the front of the sticks and feeder and sticks. Then its head will get inside the hood to have food. The available sensors can able to find the microchip ID. And it can open via swinging transparent lid up that allowing the pet to eat is blocking the food.

Always the feeder will remains closed and it will prevent other unauthorized pet animals to eat. In order to that, you have to set up the intruder mode to be on. After that, if any unauthorized get into the bowl means then sure the lid will get closed. After your pet eats the complete food and gets away from the feeder, automatically the lid will close. So, the dish will be very fresh and also it can be protected from the non-registered kid’s hands and pets.

Very reliable to use

Not like the other IR feeders or RFID feeders, the Surefeed makes sure that the pet’s head is absolutely in contact with the extraordinary RFID sensor. It is mainly because the head is inside the hood always at the time of eating the food. This process will prevent the lid from getting closed in case your cat turns the head at the time of eating. This is possible with the sensors that are found in front of the feeder. The lid will stay open as long as the cat consists of its head inside the hood.

Secure for pets and kids

This feeder is secure for animals and kids since the lid is having the capability to push the nose of the cat out of food. But in case it feels like something that blocks the closing like paw or finger, then it will stop those lid instead of closing. Then again it will try to start the process in an effective manner. The pressure which is applied by the lid will never hurt the pet or kids. So, you no need to worry about the issues that you can get through this product.

Time delay adjustment

There is also a separate option for the lid to get close is available here. You can make the time delay adjustment with this feeder in an ultimate manner. It can be effectively adjusted into 3 delays: 1, 2 and 3.

  1. When you use the delay 1, the lid gets closed 1 second after the contact has been over with the microchip.
  2. Then if you use the delay 2, the lid gets closed 2 seconds after the contact has been over with the microchip.
  3. Then use the delay 3, the lid gets closed 3 seconds after the contact has been over with the microchip.

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Why should you use Surefeed microchip pet feeder?

surefeed microchip cat feeder benefits

There are enormous reasons are available for making use of the Surefeed microchip pet feeder. In case you are having one pet animal in your home and want to feed only to that means then sure you can get this. Also, many outside animals may get inside your home without your knowledge and eat the food of your pets. In order to stop this inconvenience, you can absolutely make use of the Surefeed microchip pet feeder.

  1. Its instructions are very clear
  2. It is very easy to use and setup
  3. The feeder is well-matched with any kind of existing microchip all over the world
  4. This feeder can able to get effectively constructed in the most ultimate manner
  5. You can able to register around an enormous number of cats to eat from the same feeder and up to 32 different IDs can be registered
  6. The choice of your pet while making use of the RFID collar tag in case it is not micro-chipped
  7. It is perfect to secure your pet’s prescription diet
  8. It can allow you to control the intake of each pet food by setting up the two or more units
  9. The feed arch can able to provide an enormous number of RFID sensitivity. So in case, the pet turns its head from the pet feeder, the will lid will never close.
  10. The rubber seal around the bowls offers the covering smells, good sealing and securing against insects and flies
  11. In case the battery gets down, the low battery indicator will make you know that the battery is down.
  12. The 4-c batteries are a major highlight of this pet feeder, which can able to provide the feeder with good stability and weight.
  13. You can also able to get extra collar tags, mats, and bowls.
  14. The pet feeder will stop the other animals or kids from accessing your pet’s food

You have to try to keep this feed very close to the electrical or metallic appliances. In order to make sure the best operation of the RFID sensor which is needed to make the bowl to be clean at all times.


Benefits of using Surefeed microchip pet feeder

Feeding behavior is a key indicator that keeps your pet healthy. The Surefeed Microchip Pet feeder is a boon for a pet lover. With the advent of technology, it connects and records the time. By connecting with the Sure Petcare app, you can monitor the activities of your pet while feeding. It measures the weight of food consumed by pets each time. The Surefeed Microchip feeders give a clear understanding and build a comprehensive guide to a pet lover.

It is commonly used to detect the health concern of your pets. As a result, it provides a feeding routine and found benefits in all pets. By using the app, a pet owner can check the food condition when they consume each time. When adding foods to the bowl, it correctly measures the weight before consuming. The microchip installed in the feeder will detect the meal routine. By having a Surefeed microchip pet feeder, some benefits will amaze you. Some of them are discussed below as follows.

Monitor food consumption

By using this feeder, the pet owner can monitor the food routines that are being fed to the pets. You can get a comprehensive view of their pet eating patterns.

Receive detailed insights

Pet can notice some changes in the feeding routine. You will see some changes in feeding behavior each time. So, a pet owner may identify illness or behavioral issues.

Set and manage accurate food portions

Users can configure and control the feeding portion size. It can check the weight of the food in bowl and portion size. With its integrated scale pattern, this pet feeder is widely used.

Gain peace of mind

Users may check their pet last fed timing and how much food they left in the bowl. As a result, it gives peace of mind when owners are not at home.

Connect with family members

If you are not in the home and need to feed a pet, connect with family members or friends. It is ideal for pet owners to care for their pets. So, you can share it with friends and family when you are not at home.

Side effects of Surefeed Microchip pet feeder

The sensor in Surefeed Microchip per feeder will not detect visible presence. It may result in a problem, and pets around the feeder can feed. You have to purchase an ice pack separately. The feeder does not have a built-in ice pack. Apart from this, the Surefeed microchip pet feeder does not have an AC adapter. When you switched off, the device stops working completely. So, you need to restart the timer and program. So, these are the drawbacks found in the Surefeed Microchip pet feeder.


As final advice, it is recommended to use the Surefeed microchip pet feeder without any trouble. The features are unique and greatly help pet owners to feed foods and monitor them. This is awesome and helps to protect the proportion of food consumed by their pets. I hope this article will help you to understand clearly about the Surefeed microchip pet feeders and its features.