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Stainless steel Litter box

Looking for a stainless steel litter box for your cat? Here are our top five tried and tested picks!

Stainless Steel Litter Box: Our Top 5 Picks

Who says an odorless litter box is but a dream? Not when it’s made of steel! Seriously, using a stainless steel litter box (aside from my cat’s current innovative litter box) has changed both my and my fur baby’s lives for the better.

If you’re looking to change the way you clean up after your cat, too, read on for our top five picks!

What is a stainless steel litter box?

A stainless steel litter box is simply a litter box made of steel. Unlike a plastic litter box that smells over time, it’s:

  • odor-resistant
  • corrosion-resistant
  • easy to clean
  • durable
  • recyclable

However, choosing the right stainless litter box for your kitty cat may take trial and error. But don’t fret! We’ve already gathered the top 5 on the market just for your cat.


Top 5 Stainless Steel Litter Boxes

1. Meexpaws Stainless Steel Litter Box

Stainless Steel Litter Box


This stainless steel litter box is definitely a great buy! It came with a splash guard to keep the litter in the box when my cat kicks more than she should, and a litter mat that traps any litter stuck in her paws.

It also came with a metal scoop, which I’m so happy about! Now, I don’t have to buy a backup scoop in case the plastic type I’m using breaks (I must admit, I can be clumsy at times!).

Just make sure your kitty weighs less than 15 pounds. Otherwise, I suggest you get the next size up.

Dimensions: 17.7 L x 13.8 W x 4 H inches


  • Non-stick
  • No sharp edges
  • Comes with a splash guard, a metal scoop, and a litter mat

According to a customer: “My elderly cat was having trouble with her previous box and generally has problems moving around. This is low enough that she can get in and out easily but not so low that litter gets kicked in every direction, and big enough that she can move around better. I was surprised by how large it was when it arrived, but it’s perfect for both of our cats who are 9 and 11lbs. The splatter guard, mat, and scooper are all nice quality.”

Get the best deal on Meexpaws Stainless Steel Litter Box here.


2. Kichwit Stainless Steel Litter Box

Stainless Steel Litter

If your cat is a kicker or a sprayer and has no physical issues with climbing, then this is for you! Its walls are higher than a regular-sized litter box. It also has non-slip pads underneath to keep the whole box in place whenever you’re scooping up (because a litter that slides is never fun!).

When it’s time to do general cleaning, the nice rounded edges make the box easy to carry. Overall, you and your kitty cat will definitely be satisfied with this.

Dimensions: 21.1 L x 13.1 W x 5.9 H inches


  • Non-stick
  • No sharp edges
  • Comes with non-slip pads

According to a customer: “I like my Kitties to have a clean litter box, so it gets scooped twice daily, and emptied every 3rd day. With this box, scooping is very easy, and emptying and cleaning is a breeze! My furbabies also seem to enjoy this new box MUCH MORE than the old style boxes!!”

Get the best deal on Kichwit Stainless Steel Litter Box here.


3. Yangbaga Stainless Steel Litter Box

Yangbaga Stainless Steel Litter

Does your cat just love kicking litter all over the place? Then this stainless steel litter box is exactly what you need! It’s so spacious and tall, I wouldn’t recommend it at all for kittens, cats with ailments, and senior cats.

But if your fur baby is one healthy beast, then by all means, get this!

Dimensions: 24 L x 16 W x 8 H inches


  • Non-stick
  • High corners
  • Very spacious

According to a customer: “After many years of using every type of litter box imaginable, including automated ones, I decided to get back to basics and provide my cats a simple, open litter box. Although there is no such thing as a perfect litter box, these are by far the easiest to clean and yes, it is true they are non-stick but I use a special litter called “Slide” since other types of litter do stick a bit sometimes. Also, the smell from the enclosed, plastic boxes I had before is gone. These really do not retain any smell after you wash them, and during use it is greatly reduced. As far as keeping the litter inside the box, that depends on the cat. One of mine likes to kick the litter everywhere and makes a mess. Overall however I am very happy with these.”

Get the best deal on Yangbaga Stainless Steel Litter Box here.


4. iPrimio Non-Stick Plated Stainless Steel Litter Box

Stainless Steel Litter

Have you ever seen a litter box coated in Teflon? Now you have! 

At first, I thought the coating was unnecessary since stainless steel is already easy to clean. But after reading up a lot on this product, boy was I wrong! Customers swear that the litter doesn’t stick at all, it doesn’t absorb odor, and you can expect it to last for years!

Just make sure not to scrape too hard to avoid scratching the coating. 

Dimensions: 23.5 L x 15.5 W x 6 H inches


  • Non-stick
  • Teflon coating
  • Comes with non-slip pads

According to a customer: “How old were you when you learned. That there was a non stick cat box? That’s right! There is! WHY are you still using that old fashioned, plastic, stink holding cat box? Get rid of it! Get this box instead. I’ve got an old lady that urinates close to the side of the box. I was forever scraping and digging to clean that area. NO MORE! I’m free to easily scoop that urine and move on! I can’t rave enough about this non stick cat box.”

Get the best deal on iPrimio Non-Stick Plated Stainless Steel Litter Box here.


5. Yangbaga Stainless Steel Litter Box (for Cats with Arthritis)

Yangbaga Stainless Steel Litter Box

Do you have a cat that suffers from arthritis? How about a cat that can no longer jump due to old age? Here’s a perfect stainless steel litter box made just for him. it’s lower than regular litter boxes so your cat can easily climb in and out!

Plus, it’s spacious enough to let your cat maneuver comfortably. Seriously, relieving has never been this convenient for your cat!

Dimensions: 24 L x 16 W x 4 H inches


  • Non-stick
  • Comes with non-slip pads
  • Low walls 

According to a customer: “This is my first time with a stainless steel litter pan. This is larger than I expected. I was able to replace 2 smaller plastic ones with this one. I have 4 senior cats. Most of them don’t have any difficulties stepping in and out of the litter boxes, but the oldest one had a stroke a few months ago. He’s getting better, but he does have problems climbing in and out of the regular ones at times. He spends most of his time upstairs, so this is the one he uses the most now. The height is high enough to keep most of the litter inside, but easy enough for him to get in and out. Wet litter does stick a bit to the surface, but it is easier to scoop out than the plastic ones. The material doesn’t absorb the smell like the plastic ones either. So far, we are pleased with it.”

Get the best deal on Yangbaga Stainless Steel Litter Box for Cats with Arthritis here.


Ask these questions before buying a stainless steel litter box

How big is my cat?

Get a size that’s at least one and a half times wider and longer (with the tail outstretched) than your cat. He should be able to move comfortably inside his litter box. When in doubt, remember this rule: the bigger, the better. 

Is my cat a kicker and/or a sprayer?

Does your cat tend to kick his litter like there’s no tomorrow? Is he a sprayer? Then get a litter box with relatively higher walls. But make sure he can still get in and out of the box comfortably!

Can my cat climb in and out of the litter box without a problem?

If your cat is too young, a senior, or suffers from health issues like arthritis, get a stainless steel litter box with low walls. But if your cat is perfectly fine, go for a regular-sized litter box.

There you have it! With these top 5 stainless steel litter boxes, you can finally say goodbye to the usual hard-to-clean and smelly litter boxes!



Do cats like stainless steel litter boxes?

Cats enjoy using stainless steel litter boxes as much as owners love cleaning them. Unlike the traditional plastic litter boxes, these don’t absorb odors and are a breeze to clean.

Are metal litter boxes good?

Metal litter boxes are wonderful for your cats. These don’t absorb odors, are easy to clean, and last for years. Many pet owners do not regret switching to stainless steel litter boxes.

Are stainless steel litter boxes safe?

Stainless steel litter boxes are not only safe but also hygienic. These are quicker and easier to clean than plastic litter boxes. They also stay smooth and will not rust for a long time. Now, you can say goodbye to smelly litter boxes!