5 Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Reviews for Cats 2020


Self Cleaning Litter Box for a pet is an essential thing for making them well-trained and well mannered and for the safety of your house from harmful germs and bacteria causes pet’s litter, which can make you sick if you have low immune power.

If you are looking for a smart way to reduce all those routine hassles with your cat regarding litter and want an appropriate solution then this article is dedicated to those cat owners, here we are going to introduce you some hilarious and best self-cleaning litter boxes for cats. You can also try any of these automatic cat feeders.

We know that you love your pet so much and they become a precious and important family member like others but doing litter anywhere make you feel frustrated and annoyed. Pets are innocent like children, they have no idea what they are doing, if you train them well they will definitely follow the rule but now train them in a smart way and shake hands with the advanced technology, which is specially invented by pet owners because they have much knowledge of your trouble.

In this article, we will discuss 5 best cleaning litter boxes reviews for cats and everything about the products, so read carefully and choose the right one. Let’s take a closer look at those products:

1. Petsafe ScoopFree ultra self-cleaning cat litter box

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

ITEM NAME: PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Covered, Automatic with Disposable Tray, 2 Color Options


You will please to know that how technology has changed the world and made the daily life easy and comfortable and relaxed. Now keeping a pet at your home is no more a headache and who love to keep many pets at the same time will also be happy with this wonderful product.

The ScoopFree ultra self-cleaning cat litter box is a smart innovation of Petsafe brand. This litter box is fully automatic and you need not do scooping and cleaning every day. The litter box is based on the self-cleaning system, it will clean everything by itself and you just need to throw the litter out and that’s it.

It has much power to reducing the foul odor and prevents from spreading in the house. The box contains a lid system for the privacy and keeping the litter in the box until you throw it away. The maintenance and assembling are quite easy, once you load the disposable tray, plug it in and see the magic.

It has digital sensors, which record the time of your cat usage. The pre-filled crystals absorb the smell and moisture of the box and dehydrate the solid garbage. After 20 minutes the automatic machine starts the cleaning process and pushes the litter in the disposable cover.

Your cat will love to use the product, and make sure that provide this product above 6 months old cats if you want to provide before then switch off the plug and do the scooping by yourself for few months.


  • The litter box is a unique product without scooping or refilling it and cleans itself for several weeks and crystal absorbing formula is dust free and works great; it absorbs the pee and odor as well as dehydrates the solid material.
  • The outside lining of the box prevents the leakage and provides easy cleaning. The product is quite sturdy and attractive with a high-quality packing and an invention of Petsafe Company that is a fine insurance for fine quality and long life of the product.
  • You just need to load it, it will take a minute to start the process and that’s it. The lid lock system reduces the litter tracking and holds the litter in the box.
  • Most of the people are satisfied with the product and assign the 5-star rating to this. Try to place this litter box in a less moisture area.


  • Some people complained of the disposable tray that they were looking for a permanent solution, but it can ignore in front of the advantages of this product.

2. Petsafe Scoopfree self-cleaning cat litter box

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

ITEM NAME: PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box


Another great product of a Petsafe Scoopfree brand is this self-cleaning cat litter box, which is dedicated to a simple and smart look and specially designed for naughty cats. It will change your routine mess into a relaxed mode and you can easily maintain and assemble this product.

Like the previous product, you just need to load and plug-in the litter box, wait for a minute and its smart crystal absorb the solid and liquid waste and reduce the foul odor from spreading out in your house. After that, you can dispose of the bottom for extra cleaning.

It has also smart sensors included that detects the time when your cat will use it, after 20 minutes of using the litter box automatically absorb and dehydrate the solid garbage and excess moisture.

You can remove the disposable tray after few weeks or whenever you need to change. Your cat will love to use the product, if you find no response from your cat regarding the litter box, then a simple trick can help you for sure, do not clean the old one litter box and place this one near to the old one and wait for few days and your cat will surely use this one.


  • The admirable self-cleaning litter box cleans itself for weeks, no need of scoping and those hectic and no need to tolerate the nasty smell of cat poop.
  • The smart crystal formula prevents the litter tracking and it is 100% dust free and absorbs all the moisture and solid material in seconds and puts it to the disposal wrap, which you can easily throw outside.
  • The outer lining works as a guard so the pee can’t spread outside the box, the design is also sturdy and attractive, which will surely fit and suit to your home décor.
  • The Petsafe brand is highly reliable and a well-known brand of US so you can buy this product without any worry. Most of the customers have positively reviewed this product with a 5-star rating.


  • Some people complained that the crystal formula that absorbs the pee and solid waste does not work as expected. As well as the disposable tray has also poor response.
  • The product does not work for a long time, which is quite annoying.


3. Petsafe simply clean automatic litter box

PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box

ITEM NAME: PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box System

ASIN: B000GF0X38

Petsafe simply clean automatic litter box is quite an excellent product for those cat owners who are looking for a simple and effective solution for their pooch. It has also automatic cleaning formula that works great.

The circular moving bowl that is connected with the litter box rotates in the gap of certain time and cleans up the litter box properly. The solid material is sifted out and moved to the conveyer belt and collects to the removable box that is attached to the litter box.

You need to just throw out the litter and that’s it, all the main work will do by this smart and tiny machine. The quality of the product is also good as it helps to reduce the litter tracking and poor odor.

There are only four simple steps available to assemble the product, first of all, you need to fill the box with clumping clay and fill it to the marked line. Then the rotating conveyor moves continuously per hour and it will carry the waste and out it to the waste bin box, you can wrap a disposable bag around the box for convenient cleaning.


  • The simple design of this litter box make this more worth and easy to understand, now you need not scooping or cleaning the litter, which will reduce your energy and daily hassle.
  • The assembling is quite easy and has low power usage; you can use disposable bags for more clean up.
  • It is suitable for 15 pounds weighted cats and the product has one year warranty.
  • The Petsafe brand is an assurance of fine and sturdy quality and long life of the litter box.


According to the reviews of several customers, the product didn’t work as expected; the conveyer belt didn’t work well. Also, the product needs extra care and attention and not suitable for big sized cats as well.


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4. LM680C automatic self-cleaning litter box

LM680C Automatic Self-Cleaning Classic Litter Box

ITEM NAME: LitterMaid LM680C Automatic Self-Cleaning Classic Litter Box (LM680C)

ASIN: B0097576MY

LitterMaid classic litter box allows your cat a clean environment with a clean and germs free house. This litter box has numbers of advantages which make you fall in love with this machine.

It has a short sensor system, which will stop during your cat usage and later on when your cat will complete her business the cleaning startup will continue after 10 minutes automatically. The cleaning cycle starts with the automatic rake that will move back and forward and scoop out the solid waste and put it to the receptacle.

The other plus point of this product is you can on sleep timer when you are not using the litter box like at night. The product has 8 waste receptacles, a paw cleaning pitch that prevents from litter tracking, 8 carbon filters, AC adapter and a fine battery backup. You can easily assemble the litter box as given instructions, once you maintained it well you can leave everything on this litter box as well as your cat will love to use this.


  • The quality and the classic look of the product are admirable and attractive; it has multi-functions that are the perfect choice for your feline friend.
  • The automatic rake and sleep timer helps to reduce your hassle and provides easy cleaning, you can remove the rake during cleaning.
  • The advanced cleaning technique reduces odor and litter tracking that makes your house germs-free and neat and clean.
  • Fill the litter as the mentioned line or it can harm the product and read out the whole instructions carefully before using this product.
  • The LitterMaid brand care for you and your cat and it is quite a reliable brand, which provides you an effective self-cleaning litter box for making your life mess-free and comfortable.


  • The assembling is a little difficult so many people don’t understand that how to fix it.


5. IRIS top entry cat litter box

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

ITEM NAME: IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box


Or of the idea of a self cleaning system hasn’t won you over try the simple and classy IRIS litter box is easy to use and comes with a scoop. This unique litter box is an open top box and your furry friend can sit on the top and can finish her business easily.
You will find a built-in pitch that prevents the litter tracking, the scoop is a helpful and handy way to clean the whole area well and it comes with a hanging hook for better care and storage.

The design of the litter box is cool and sturdy and it is a lightweight product so you can easily move this anywhere. The product is available in different colors so you have multiple choices. The big round entrance is also fine with a grooved lid.


  • The sleek and classy design will attract you in one sight, the quality is quite sturdy and color options make this product more worth.
  • It provides your furry friend a private area for his private job and prevents the other pet to play with the litter.
  • Most of the customers review it with 5-star rating that is a positive response to this product.


  • It has no automatic cleaning so you need to do it by yourself and some people complained that they didn’t get an appropriate piece of this so you must check properly whenever you buy it.



So these are the 5 best self-cleaning litter boxes reviews for cats, each of them has own positive and negative reviews but all the litter boxes are awesome and having multiple functions and advantages.

One can choose the litter box according to the choice and desire. Read the instructions properly and follow all the steps that will enhance the product’s life and the way of working. After all, your feline friend is special and it can be a smart gift for your pooch and always choose the right and fine quality product because pets depend on us and we must take care of them.