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PetSafe Cat Feeder For Cats & Small Dogs Reviews

PetSafe Cat Feeder For Cats & Small Dogs Reviews

Interested in a Petsafe cat feeder?

Petsafe is a creative and innovative brand for pets, passionate about producing amazing products for your lovely pets. With a trustworthy reputation for quality and service, a Petsafe cat feeder is a great choice.

As a pet owner, you are looking for quality and reliability so if you are looking to buy automatic cat feeder, Petsafe is a safe place to start and we have curated the best picks for you right here.

As a general note, it’s worth preparing yourself that the fully automated feeders do not have an indefinite life span. Like anything automatic, they can and do breakdown. So there is the chance that you will need to update your unit every 12-18months. Of course, we have some more basic picks in our more extensive review Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews & Guide that avoid this issue but bear in mind you lose timing and portion control with these auto cat feeders.

In addition, if you plan to leave your pets for extended periods some kind of surveillance is highly recommended as technology can fail. You may like to set up a camera near the automatic cate feeder or invest in an auto cat feeder that has one inbuilt. And always have someone as a back up so your pets are safe and healthy on your return.


1. Petsafe smart feed automatic dog and cat pet feeder

Petsafe smart feed automatic dog and cat

#1 Recommendation by our Team

ITEM NAME: Petsafe smart feed automatic dog and cat feeder, smartphone, 24 cups, Wi-Fi enabled

How Petsafe smart feed automatic dog and cat works

Petsafe smart feed automatic pet feeder is packed with features. You can schedule the number of meals, their portion size, and timings by using your iPhone or Android smartphone. The sturdy machine has easy to operate five-button navigation and LCD screen.

  • PetSafe app:

The PetSafe app notifies you when it dispenses a meal, has an error, or when the hopper is running low on food. The app can also be synced with the machine from more than one phone. So, it is highly convenient where two or more family members are operating the auto feeder.

  • Portion Size and Capacity:

You can adjust the portion size to range from 0.06 pounds to 2.09 pounds depending on your lovely pet’s nutritional requirement. The auto feeder sets up to twelve mealtimes.

  • Slow Feed Dispensing Option:

Got a cat that gulps down their meal and ends up vomiting? You want cat bowls to slow down eating. The slow feed dispensing option rather than batch serve will help foster slower eating. The unique slow feed dispensing option ensures portion control and avoids the cat throwing up and also excessive weight gain.

  • Stainless-steel bowl:

The stainless-steel bowl is dishwasher safe. However, it makes a clanging noise when dropping food into the bowl. A Few users found this feature particularly useful as they had a blind cat so it could hear the feeder being filled!

The smart feed feeder can be accessed by iPhones and Android phones. You can set the meal portions and time according to your schedule.

Petsafe smart feeder Pros

  1. You can set 12 meals on a day for your pet.
  2. You can track your pet’s meals from anywhere via Wi-Fi and mobile app.
  3. All the parts of the product are easily washable.

Petsafe smart feeder Cons

  1. Sometimes if the network is slow then it can be difficult to keep an eye on the process.
  2. The machine does not automatically reconnect to the Wi-Fi so it might disrupt the automatic schedule if there is a dropout.


2. Petsafe 5-Meal automatic pet feeder

petsafe 5 meal feeder

ITEM NAME: Petsafe 5-Meal automatic cat and dog feeder with digital clock

This product is great for cats or dogs. The digital clock helps you to set the timer and the food portions. You can feed 5 meals in a single day. Also, the slow feeding system maintains the weight of your pet and enhances the habit of slow eating.

Petsafe 5 Meal feeder Pros

  1. The PetSafe 5-meal feeder is brilliant for pets that prefer to graise and want several meals a day. No more early morning wake up early calls!
  2. This feeder divides the food into 4 portions, if you are out all day then this can help to keep your pet fed and happy.
  3. The product contains 4-D alkaline batteries which means you’re not restricted on location.
  4. It prevents your pet from quick eating or gulping.

Petsafe 5-Meal automatic Feeder Cons

  1. The product contains 5 meals, which is a low amount if you are outside of the home.


3. Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder

Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder

ITEM NAME: Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder, dispenses the food, digital clock, and LCD screen

The PetSafe 6-meal automatic feeder is an excellent product for busy pet owners. It has easy programming, is easy to clean, and a safety locking lid for those cunning types. It has the benefit of an immediate feed option, and 1 – 6 meal in a single day schedule.

How Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder works (Manual)

The 6-meal automatic feeder allows you to set the timer according to your schedule. You can either set the digital clock for six meals in a day, two meals or four as your wish or you can also set the timer for large feed in a single day over 5 days.

You can push the immediate button for starting the feeder, and use the sleeping mode for pausing mode for stopping it. The product will dispense the meal into small portions, and your pet can eat as desired.

Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder Pros

  1. Its clear locking technology prevents your pet from stealing food from the hopper.
  2. The instructions and processing for using the Petsafe 6-meal are quite easy and simple.
  3. The battery gives flexibility of location.
  4. Very is to wash and clean.
  5. Easy maintenance and the price is also cost-effective.

Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder Cons

  1. The product is not waterproof, indoor use only.
  2. Battery life is not great
  3. The timer can be fiddly
  4. Plastic construction is not solid enough for large dogs that chew!


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4. Petsafe simply feed automatic feeder

Petsafe simply feed automatic feeder

This Petsafe product can automatically serve 12 meals in a single day.

Petsafe Automatic Cat feeder

Petsafe simply feed automatic is great for portion control for those pets getting a bit round around the middle!

The automatic feeder can hold 24 cups of food in its hopper so a great long-term system to maintain the weight of your pet. It also allows delivery at a fast, medium, or slow rate depending on your needs.

Petsafe Automatic feeder Pros

  1. The Petsafe automatic feeder has a digital clock installed, which takes care of the meal portions.
  2. It has anti-jam technology, which delivers the semi-moist or dry food in different portions.
  3. Slow mode helps to feed your pet slowly if it is prone to vomiting or rushing its food, it dispenses the parts 1/8 cup over 12 minutes.
  4. You can go for fast/immediate feed mode or medium feed mode, and instantly pause or stop the process.
  5. Its advanced technology helps to keep the food fresh.
  6. It has stainless steel bowl for food, which is bacteria free and hygienic and you can wash it easily and quickly.

Petsafe Automatic feeder Cons

  1. The Petsafe automatic feeder is great for cats and small dogs; the product is not made for big dogs or big cats.
  2. The instructions can be confusing, difficult to program.
  3. No reset button for programming.
  4. Portion size can be unreliable
  5. No option to use power/ battery operated only


5. Petsafe 2 Meal automatic pet feeder

Petsafe 2 Meal automatic pet feeder

ITEM NAME: Petsafe 2 Meal automatic dog and cat feeder, dispenses dog and cat food

This product looks quite simple but it’s effective, the device is great for two pets. The product conveniently allows you to set the timer up to 2 days. and each portion is up to 1.5 cups.

Petsafe 2 Meal automatic feeder Pros

  1. Easy to clean, easy to use and easy to install.
  2. Great for when you want to feed your cat a couple of meals when you are at work. Or you have two pets.

Petsafe 2 Meal automatic feeder Cons

  1. The size of the product is quite big.
  2. Some cunning cats can open the lid sometimes.