5 Best PetSafe Automatic Feeder for Cats & Dogs Reviews

petsafe automatic feeder for pets

Do you have cats and dogs at your home? Are you looking and searching for buying pet feeders for your lovely pet? Well, then we must say that this article will surely be going to help you. Here we are going to mention some magnificent and helpful pet safe automatic feeder for cats and dogs.

Pets are said to be the most prominent and loyal friends of the humans. Many people love their pets so much and they really care for their basic needs like feeding, bathing, cleaning, and nursing etc.

We always recommended for the best, if you also do care for your pet then do not compromise for the quality and brand.

Here we will highly recommend you that you must go for the “PetSafe” brand because they are one of the best brands and products for your pet. You can easily feed your pet with advanced technique of automatic pet feeder. Let’s take a closer look at that:-

1. Petsafe smart feed automatic pet feeder

Petsafe smart feed automatic pet feeder

#1 Recommendation by our Team

ITEM NAME: Petsafe smart feed automatic dog and cat feeder, smartphone, 24 cups, Wi-Fi enabled

The Petsafe smart feed has been built especially for smart pet owners because its smartphone technology and Wi-Fi enabled system provides you to install your product from anywhere. You can take help of the mobile app for controlling the feeder’s options and portions of the meal.

How Petsafe smart feeder works (Manual)

The smart feed feeder can be accessed by iPhones and Android phones. You can set the meal portions and time according to the schedule.

Petsafe smart feeder Pros

  1. You can set 12 meals on a day for your pet.
  2. You can track your pet’s feed from anywhere via Wi-Fi and mobile app.
  3. All the parts of the product can be easily washable.

Petsafe smart feeder Cons

  1. Sometimes if the network goes slow then it can be difficult to keep an eye on the process.


2. Petsafe 5-Meal automatic pet feeder

Petsafe 5-Meal automatic pet feeder

ITEM NAME: Petsafe 5-Meal automatic cat and dog feeder with digital clock

This product is also friendly to your cats and dogs. The digital clock helps you to set the timer and the food portions. You can feed 5 meals in a single day. Also, the slow feeding system maintains the weight of your pet and enhances the habit of slow eating. Your pet will love their food and will never run from food.

Petsafe 5-Meal automatic feeder Pros

  1. The PetSafe 5-meal feeder is based on advanced method, now you need not wake up early for feeding your pet.
  2. This feeder divides the food into 4 proportions, if you are out of the home then this can help to feed your pet safely.
  3. The product contains 4-D alkaline batteries which is a good feature.
  4. It prevents your pet from quick eating or gulping.

Petsafe 5-Meal automatic Feeder Cons

  1. The product contains 5 meals, which is a low amount if you are outside of the home.


3. Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder

Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder

ITEM NAME: Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder, dispenses the food, digital clock, and LCD screen

The PetSafe 6-meal automatic feeder is the excellent product for busy pet owners. The easy programming, easy to clean bowl, safety locking lid, immediate feed option, and 1 – 6 meal in a single day, all the features are highly recommendable and favorable for pet owners, as well as your pet will love to feed via this product.

How Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder works (Manual)

The 6-meal automatic feeder allows you to set the timer according to your schedule. You can either set the digital clock for six meals in a day, two meals or four as your wish.

You can also set the timer for large feed in a single day for over 5 days. You can push the immediate button for starting the feeder, and use the sleeping mode for pausing mode for stopping it. The product will dispense the meal into small portions, and your pet can eat without any difficulty.

Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder Pros

  1. Its clear locking technology prevents from stealing food by your pet or flipping the food tray.
  2. The instructions and processing for using the Petsafe 6-meal are quite easy and simple, even a child can install it.
  3. The 4-D alkaline and advanced batteries give the product long-running power.
    All the parts of product and steel bowl are very is to wash and clean.
  4. Easy maintenance and the prices are also cost-effective.

Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder Cons

  1. The product is not waterproof, so you need a little care and only for indoor using.


Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder Customer reviews

The Petsafe 6-Meal automatic feeder has the highest positive reviews of the customers and highly recommended by us as well.

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4. Petsafe healthy pet simply feed automatic feeder

Petsafe automatic feeder

This product is the highly recommended to the customers, who are looking for an effective feeder for their pets. This Petsafe product automatically works and serves 12 meals in a single day. You can easily process the automatic feeder, doesn’t matter you are at home or outside.

Petsafe Automatic Feeder Manual

Petsafe feeder simply dispenses the food portions according to the setting; you can change the setting as well from slow to medium or fast.

The automatic feeder can reserve 24 cups of food amount into its hopper so whenever you feel to feed the pet you can on the system. Slow feeding system help to maintain the weight of your pet as well.

Petsafe Automatic feeder Pros

  1. The Petsafe automatic feeder has a digital clock installed, which take care of the whole meal portions.
  2. It has an anti-jam technology, which apportions the semi-moist and dry food in few minutes in different sizes and portions.
  3. Slow mode help to feed slowly so pet will never feel like vomiting or engulf, it dispenses the parts 1/8 cup over 12 minutes.
  4. You can go for fast/immediate feed mode or medium feed mode, and instantly can Pause or stop the process.
  5. Its advanced technology helps to keep the food fresh, which will attract your pet more for feeding securely and safely.
  6. It has stainless steel bowl for food, which is bacteria free and hygienic and you can wash easily and quickly.

Petsafe Automatic feeder Cons

  1. The Petsafe automatic feeder is quite perfect for cats and small dogs; the product is not made for big dogs or big cats.
  2. Many people are unable to understand the proper instructions for the product.


Petsafe Automatic feeder Customer reviews

Mostly customers reviewed it as the best product for their cats and dogs.

5. Petsafe 2 Meal automatic pet feeder

Petsafe 2 Meal automatic pet feeder

ITEM NAME: Petsafe 2 Meal automatic dog and cat feeder, dispenses dog and cat food

This product looks quite simple but stunning, the device allows your pet to feed slowly. The product conveniently allows you to set the timer up to 2 days. Each portion of food includes 1.5 cups of meal, so your pet will never remain hungry.

Petsafe 2 Meal automatic feeder Pros

  1. Easy to clean, easy to use and easy to install.
  2. Help to maintain the excess weight of your pet as well as gulping the food quickly.

Petsafe 2 Meal automatic feeder Cons

  1. The size of the product is quite big.
  2. The pet can be able to open the lid sometimes.



Petsafe brand is quite creative and innovative brand for pets, which is passionate to produce amazing products for your lovely pets. You can blindly trust on Petsafe brand because they never compromise with the quality and service.