Cat life made easy

Keeping our kitty cats fed and watered can be a full time job! We deliver info, advice, and product links for auto cat feeder, timed cat feeder, slow feeder cat bowl, and water dispenser for cats options.

Are you looking to safeguard the health of your beautiful pets? Pet insurance, health tips, exercise, behavior & play solutions are all part of ensuring our beloved fur balls are safe, healthy & happy. 

Now you can’t tell me that the poop side of pet care is anything less than the worst. Making it more convenient is definitely the way to go. So check out litter robots, and kitty litter trays- self cleaning.

Do you have a demanding feline in your life?

It is time to enlist some help and buy an Automatic Cat Feeder!

Cats like to rule their home, and mealtimes are part of the fun! If you are planning to get a cat or already have one you are inviting happiness into your home, along with servitude!

It’s time to embrace technology and take back some of your power with an automatic cat feeder. If you are a first-timer you might also like to check out how to feed cats.

We love our little furballs but there are times we have a life outside of their needs. An auto cat feeder is ideal for these occasions:

  • Away for work during the day
  • Unplanned work or personal emergencies that keep you from returning home on time.
  • Traveling for a business or a personal trip
  • Sleeping through the night!
  • Sleeping in during the early morning!
  • To ensure your cat gets a proper and timely meal
  • Weight management for your pets/ portion control
  • To program serving meals according to your cat’s routine and nutritional needs
  • To keep track of their meals.

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