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Modkat open tray litter box

The Ultimate Guide To The Modkat Litter Box + Reviews

The world has come a long way since the standard, sight for sore eyes open-air plastic litter box. Let’s face it, the litter box has possibly always been the worst part of taking care of your beloved feline friend. The smell, the mess, the unattractive sight of your cat’s business sitting in the middle of your room. That is until now. Modern innovation has made its way into the litter box. The Modkat litter box has more features than you thought you needed in a standard litter box and it looks great too.

It isn’t just about the style and sophistication that the Modkat brings, it is also the hygiene. Perhaps one of the most attractive things about the Modkat is the high sides and deep base, keeping all the nasty things enclosed. This means no mess, spills, or smells for you. I’m a dedicated fan of the Modkat, but I’m no preacher, here is some in-depth information and reviews on the Modkat. This post will also help you decide if it’s the right litter box for your kitty and which one to choose.

modkat litter box

How does Modkat Litter Box work?

There are three different options to choose from. The Top-Entry, the front entry (flip litter box), and the Modkat Litter Tray. The Flip Litter Box and Top-Entry are the most popular. We will discuss these in great detail.

Each litter box comes well designed and is very stylish to suit any decor. They also all come with a reusable bin liner, a scoop that hangs off the box itself, and a grater to reduce litter mess sticking to the cat’s paws and traveling around your house. The Modkat is a premium

product and comes in premium quality.

The Modkat top-entry litter box is a top entry litter box. It is unlike the traditional litter box. It allows privacy for your cat. Its lock-in swivel lid makes for easy cleaning and refilling.

The Modkat Flip Litter Box and Tray Litter Box also have a grate to remove the excess litter, stopping it from ending up on your floors.

Modkat litter box, top entry (Recommended)

Recommended Modkat Litter Box

The top entry litterbox has many benefits. The unique design means more privacy for your cat as well as reducing the smell compared to the open air litter boxes. They also generally look better as you can’t see the cat mess.

The high sides also make them more hygienic and they are still simple to access. The other benefit of the top entry box is that it stops dogs from “investigating” your cat’s business.

With the top entry box, your cat enters from the top and drops down into the litter area. Once your cat is finished they jump out, back on top of the Modkat, where the grated top will collect any litter that may have stuck to his paws.

The Top Entry Modkat Litter Box is one of the highest ranked litter boxes and is award winning. The patented design and sturdy quality construction make it a clear winner for those who value quality items.


Modkat flip litter box

Modkat flip cat litter box

The Modkat flip litter box is a front entry litter box that is perfect for side peeing cats. It is easy to access for your cat, and for you when scooping and cleaning.

The flip litter box is versatile. The patented flipping lid means the litter box can be positioned to cats liking. You can have the lid fully closed for privacy, half-opened, or completely open. Once you discover what your cat likes, you’ll all be happy. At the same time, the extra-tall walls mean no more mess for cats that like to side pee. The leak-proof base is another added bonus.

Much like the other models, the Flip Litter Box comes with a matching hanging scoop and reusable, durable liners. The incredible attention to detail that comes with the Modkat Flip is exceptional. Little details like the liners hooking onto the litter box so they won’t move. The matching scoop, the curved lines, and edges are all that is so impressive about the Modkat range.


3. Modkat open tray litter box

Modkat open tray litter box

If you think your cat might not get used to or enjoy the enclosure of the top box, you can always opt for the Modkat Litter Tray. Acting just like a regular little tray, but better.

The 15″ barrier and clever design ensures it will reduce litter scatter with the grate at the front, where your cat leaves the litter box.

The extra deep base keeps the mess inside. It includes a splash guard for situations where your cat might just pee a little bit too high.

As with the other Modkats the reusable liner is built to last. It is easy to clean, lasts up to 3 months, and keeps the odor a little more under control. The Modkat scoop also hangs conveniently and adds to the style.

The Modkat Litter Tray follows in the footsteps of its other Mod Family in being super stylish with its modern look that will go with any decor.

The Modkat Litter Tray measures  20.3 L x 14 W x 9 H inches and with the Splash Guard (16 H)

Why choose the Modkat Litter Box tray?

The litter box is perfect for the “freedom cat”. One who prefers to pee out in the open. If your cat loves to pee whilst standing and tends to spray everything around the litter box, this tray will be a godsend.

This tray is also perfect for older cats who may not have as much interest in jumping up on the tray and making their way down. Cats that don’t like top box litter trays will also still get to enjoy the slick design and benefits of the Modkat tray.

On top of this, the Modkat Litter Box Tray is a more budget friendly option then it’s siblings.


Where to buy the Modkat Litter Box

The Modkat Litter Box can be bought at most online and offline pet stores. You can purchase it directly from their website or follow these links to purchase directly from Amazon with free delivery.