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Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder Review

Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder Review 2020 – Cats & Dogs Feeder


lusmo automatic pet feeder

Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder is an attractive Feeder for your cats and little dogs. It allows feeding your pets with customized meal portion and times. It was rated one of the best automatic feeders available in the market, However this rating has taken a beating of late. Let’s find out why and if it’s still the right choice for you and your pet.

The upsides

  • You can choose the portion size anything from the minimum 1/16 cup to a maximum of 1 full cup at a time.
  • The schedule will repeat itself daily. The LCD for programming the portion at the top of the feeder for ease of use and it is a large display and easy to operate.
  • This feeder is pretty and comes in a range of colours. Let face it some of these things can be an eyesore. This beautiful feeder comes in three amazing colors: Red, Orange, and Yellow. Amazon is currently only offering orange which makes me wonder if they are phasing out the Lusmo automatic pet feeder now the ratings are dropping. It likes to keep it’s customer’s happy!
  • You can trigger a feed anytime by pushing the button manually.
  • The hopper can contain a whopping 2.2 lbs of dry food. This is enough for feeding an adult cat for 10 days! Hello holiday! Now you just need an automatic Kitty litter tray! I digress.
  • The number of meals can be set to accommodate your desired regime.
  • The top cover can be locked and has a cute ear-shaped handle. It will save the food from prying paws.
  • The Feeder is lightweight and easy to set anywhere in your home. Dimensions: 22.5 × 36 × 34cm Weight: 1500 grams

This is a super useful product for you when you are not at home. However the lusmo has had some poor reviews so let look at those.

The down side

It got plenty of high rankings and positive reviews on Amazon however things have gone downhill there.

  • The guard that prevents your cat from sticking their paw up into the machine to access more food is pretty weak and difficult to clean.
  • Difficult to clean. You can take it apart to some degree however under the hopper and behind the chute are a challenge.
  • There is some contention between owners as to whether the machine is accurate. Some say the measurements are sound while others are not so confident it actually dispenses what you set.
  • It eats through batteries
  • Now a lot of that could be forgiven however the biggest issue it seems is that it is not reliable. Given that you are most likely in the market for an auto cat feeder because you need ot leave your cat this is a problem. It seems the lusmo cannot be depended on to provide correct or timely amounts.
  • The error message “CHK” often displays, which may mean it is jammed?


What is Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder & How to Use?

The Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder is supposed to give you peace of mind. And certainly, an auto cat feeder can do that for you. You feel relaxed after knowing that your pets will receive their meals at the right time. I am just not sure the Lusmo Automatic Pet feeder is your best choice. I would certainly recommend checking out other options:

lusmo automatic feeder review

Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder Features

  • It comes in a beautiful structure and 3 lovely colors: Red, Orange, and Yellow.
  • The LCD is placed at the top of the Feeder with 24-hour clock monitoring.
  • It comes with the protective guard to protect the food from your pet’s mischief.
  • The hopper can take up-to 2.2 lbs of dry food.
  • It is an easy-to-use and easy-to-wash feeder.
  • The Feeder comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty.
  • It is powered by 4 D-sized alkaline batteries.
  • You can attach some optional equipment to it like the colorful placement.
  • The colorful placemat turns into the anti-tipping protector.

The placement also comes in three colors, red, orange and yellow


How the Lusmo Automatic Feeder works

How Lusmo Feeder works

Lusmo Automatic Feeder has a rotating shaft at the bottom. This will move the food from the chamber to the bowl. Both the hopper and the bowl are detachable. You can program the timer and the portion of the food. If you want to feed your cat twice a day, select the F0 option.

You can set the portion of food from 1/16 cup to 1 full cup. The accuracy of the programmed settings may vary according to the size and shape of the food. You can turn off the power switch that can stop the operation. Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder uses only alkaline batteries. You can check the battery status at the LCD. This is an amazing product, made in Japan.

You can check the positive reviews for the product on Amazon.

The LCD display to program the portion of meal and the timer is clear and large. There are only three buttons on it. It is easy to program for anyone. It can be programmed easily by your kids. You can set 3-times meal per day. The repeat option will set the same timer daily.

lusmo automatic pet feeder capacity

The capacity of the tank is 2.2 lbs. It is sufficient for almost 10 days for an adult cat. The amount of pet food varies on the size of the food.

The tank is made up of plastic. It is easily washable. The tank and the bowl are easily detachable. The tank is tinted with a top glass cover to protect the food from the sun exposure. You can add snacks by set the Feeder to manual mode.

The feeder has a protected guard with lock function. The top cover is locked by a cute ear-shaped handle. The Feeder has an On/Off button on the LCD screen.

Lusmo Pet Feeder is a battery-operated system. It is the cord-free feeder, so no worries about your cat messing about with that. I would highly recommend checking the reviews for this product or better still check out some other options!


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The 4-D size alkaline batteries will last for 6 months with an average usage. The battery status is displayed on the LCD. The product comes with 1-year warranty.

Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder Advantages

  • The anti-tip design prevents cats from tipping the feeder over.
  • The optional mischievous guard protects the food from your brat cats.
  • The bowl can accommodate two small cats.
  • There is no AC cord.
  • You can feed your cats manually by switching to the manual mode.
  • You can set up three meals in a day.

Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder Disadvantages

  • The feeder is designed for indoor use only. It must remain dry.
  • It uses only 4-D size alkaline batteries.
  • You have to reset the feeding schedule when the batteries run out.
lusmo automatic pet feeder timing

Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder helps you when you are away from home when you are on a weekend trip.
This is a wonderful gift for the working couple with a different schedule. It keeps your pet healthy with fixed meal timing and portions.

The Lusmo Feeder is easily operatable and can be used anywhere in home, as this has no cord attached. You can control the diet-related problems of your pets like overweight, vomiting and many more. This automatic feeder is brilliantly designed for your convenience and your pet’s happiness. Lusmo Feeder got high rankings and a plenty of positive reviews from its users worldwide.

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Here is one review of Lusmo Pet Feeder

I love cats and I have a beautiful little cat in my home. But I live alone and unable to feed it properly when I have to go out for work. I heard about this Lusmo product from my friend. After checking the reviews online and buy the beautiful Yellow color Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder.

I bought it 6 months back. It is very helpful to me. I will buy one more in Red Color for my friend. 

This is a great pet feeder however the instructions are written in Japanese. You might like to check them online in English. My cat loves the beautiful color and cool design. The food comes out on time, with little sound.

It’s very easy to operate and to wash the feeder. I love this Pet Feeder. My cat became healthier after I set up this automatic feeder for her. I recommend buying this feeder for your lovely pets.


The Lusmo automatic pet feeder is an attractive feeder. It comes with wonderful features and easy-to-use operations. Yet it has fallen short for many buyers there are better feeders available on the market. Also, It has no cord attached so you will need to run it on batteries. Not the best for your budget or the environment. On the upside you get flexibility with the cordless option. You can buy it online which is great. The best part of this feeder is that it is quite silent in operation. Having said that we highly recommend you seek out other options!