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Litter robots

If you love cats, you probably already know how much they can charm your home. They’re amazing indoor companions. But keeping cats means dealing with Kitty litter. So if you’re considering getting one, be ready to give it some thought!

To make the process easier, has put together some litter robots tips and reviews for you. The information covers “how to” and some of the equipment you can use to take the best care of your feline friend.

A few years ago, our only option was a traditional manual litter tray, all of which had the same shortcoming, the manual part. With advancing technology, we had to get some authorization to support the worst part of cat ownership. So the newest kitty litter solutions are automatic litter robots and self-cleaning litter trays to make handling cat litter less constant.  

What is a Litter-Robot?

A litter robot is a machine specifically designed to take care of your cat’s bathroom needs. Kittens as well as older cats can be trained to use a litter robot. It certainly beats traditional litter trays where you are scooping on a daily basis.

While you still have to handle the poop even when using automatic litter robots, it’s no longer a daily affair. There are several other benefits you’ll get when using the automatic litter robot or a self-cleaning tray.

Litter robot benefits.


No one likes cleaning cat poop manually. A solution that reduces this need is welcome. Automatic cat litter robots will help you in handling your feline friend’s bathroom matters by detecting when the cat has relieved itself, then cleaning and shutting the door. So no more picking up cat poop every day.

Wi-Fi Connection

The benefit of some automatic litter boxes is they contain Wi-Fi technology and can be connected to your phone. This is great for making remote access possible. Imagine the convenience of performing some tasks relating to your furry buddy’s bathroom affairs remotely. 


The self cleaning features mean that every time your Kitty poops the waste is strained into the fully encased carbon-filtered drawer. It leaves a clean litter tray for your kitten. The process repeats every time your cat poops and you only need to change the bag inside the drawer occasionally. The litter tray is also self-cleaning to ensure that your cat’s paws remain clean. 

Litter robots

Combats Bad Stench

No one wants that horrible smell every time our cat goes #2. Although using the self-cleaning trays or automatic litter robots doesn’t mean you’re completely free from the awful stench, it does reduce it quite significantly. How does it work? It strains the cat litter in a very short time, and its enclosed carbon-filtered drawer ensures a clean atmosphere around the machine, any smell that escapes the setup is minimal. 

Expansive Litter Chamber

The litter chamber can accommodate all cat sizes. It can also serve more than one cat or kitten at a go. Therefore, having more than one cat doesn’t mean buying many litter robots.

Ensuring Your Litter Box Doesn’t Mess Up Your Interior Design

Regardless of how much a litter robot or a self-cleaning tray can help you keep your home clean, some of us are also concerned with how to integrate it with our interior design. How do we deal with the eyesore! Litter robots often come in various colors and designs that can blend or make a statement in your interior. If interior design is your priority you may prefer hidden cat litter box furniture. These are a really good option when space and aesthetics are your thing. You can make them DIY out of regular furniture, or even furniture you already have.

Litter box furniture is an enclosed-like structure, where you can fit the litter tray or even a litter robot. Great for households where space is at a premium and providing your cat privacy. 

Just remember you’ve got to train your cat to use a litter robot, but Cats are very adaptable to behavioral changes- So clever.