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hidden cat litter box

3 Best Hidden Cat Litter Box Reviews & Buyer Guide 2021

Looking for an excellent hidden cat litter box for your one of the most pretty and lovely pet friend? Well, we must say that this article will surely be going to help you with that. Pet’s litter issue is one of the major concerns of every pet owner, especially for those people who love a neat and clean house.

Of course, there are many other tasks are still in queue related to your home and related to your office and who will clean the cat litter and pee whole day, sometimes the situation can be very annoying, especially for a housewife. But now you need not worry about the messy life because now technology has changed many things and the products we are going to introduce and review here are built by pet owners because nobody can understand the requirements like them.

Why Hidden Cat Litter Box?

The cat owners will be happy and surprised to know that now creative ideas have become more efficient and effective for the owners as well as for the cat. Now you need not hide the cat litter box so the guests can’t able to see and now gone are the days of those weird and ugly cat litter boxes which spoils the whole royal look of your house.

All of the products are quite cat-friendly and perfect, and these hidden cat litter boxes will suit your home décor and lifestyle because all the cat litter boxes have a natural and a rustic view.

Let’s take a closer look at 3 best-hidden cat litter boxes reviews


Good pet stuff company hidden cat litter box

Pet stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

Good pet stuff company hidden cat litter box is highly recommended and beautiful cat litter box with a plant and in the lower side, you will find a quality space for your cat’s daily business. Your cat can easily enter in the box and can finish her task with privacy and safety.

Its sturdy and attractive design is quite fine as well as the filter and prevents foul smell and dust. The size of the box is also huge, which is favorable for big sized cats as well. Without the plant, it is 20” in height, which is a good dimension. When you flip the box side you will get a beautiful pot with a plant and on the other side, you will get the cat litter box.


  1. The hidden cat litter box is a very attractive litter box, which looks like an actual plant but on the lower, you will get an actual litter box, which is large in size and with the plant the size contains 42” that is quite big for all sized cats.
  2. The whole litter box is made of polypropylene that is a durable and reliable material for making strong things.
  3. It comes with a filter vented design, which helps to control the dust and odor of the litter spreading in the home.
  4. Your cat will love to use this product and it will make your life comfortable and mess-free. You can easily move this litter box anywhere in your house, it is light-weight and easy to carry.

Most of the customers reviewed this is an excellent product with a five-star rating, so if you have still any doubt, then you can check the reviews and question-answer field for more satisfaction.


Some people complained that the naughty cat destroys the plant, but this is not a big con of this product, so you can easily buy this without any worry.


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Merry products cat washroom bench, white

Merry cat washroom bench is also a good Hidden Cat litter box, high-class product of Merry Company that believes in only one phenomenon of building and creating advanced and pleasing pet products, which are easy to use, considered pet-friendly with an intelligent technology as well as cost-effective and this smart litter box is also counted in those products.

Merry Products Cat Washroom Hidden Bench Litter box

In first sight, you won’t able to recognize that this is a hidden cat litter box because usually, it looks like a common corner set, but when you will flip the side you will find a huge spaced cat litter box, which is suitable for large sized cats as well.

This litter box has a wonderful system for managing the litter procedure. The removable walls create a fine space so you can scoop out the litter easily. The entrance of the litter box is also fine; your cat can easily enter and exit from the box.

You can place this Hidden Cat litter box anywhere in your house and it will increase the look and style of your house and the other plus point is that no one could even guess that this is a litter box until your furry friend tells them. The product is available in two attractive colors that are white and walnut colors. You can choose according to your wish.


  1. The size of this Hidden Cat litter box is admirable that allows your cat to do the routine work with an ease and in privacy, especially if your feline friend is quite shy by nature.
  2. The seamless bottom also works great and well, you can remove the middle partition door for extra space, which is optional. This hidden table design can accommodate any size litter box.
  3. The product quality is sturdy and versatile and easy to remove anywhere you want to remove. Also, the litter box has made with natural wood, which ensures for high quality and easy maintenance.
  4. Now you can have a mess-free routine regarding your cat’s litter issue, you can easily scoop out the litter from the box. Most of the customer reviews it a five-star rating cause of its sturdy look and service.


  1. According to some customer, the product is a little bit expensive, especially for them who have more cats than one.


Casual canine cat washroom nightstand pet house

Again the Merry Products has made a super attractive cat washroom nightstand for your feline friend. Very cool look and easy of maintained and ease of assembling of this Hidden Cat litter box will make your day.

Casual Canine Cat Washroom hidden litter box

The multi-functional cat litter box can be used as a nightstand, a coffee table or tea table, or for keeping small things of your house, no one can believe that this is a cat litter box that’s why it’s called hidden. It can also be used as a pet house for tiny and medium-sized cats. You can easily place this product anywhere in your house; it is easy to removable, which you can do by yourself.

The magnetic door system enhances easy cleaning and scooping of the litter, also, you can place a large-sized litter box in this stand. The top shelf has 50 lbs capacity of lifting the weight, and the stainless steel rods looks great and shows like an advanced and modern creation.

The product is quite sturdy and made of fine wooden, which ensures you for high quality and long life. The outlook and the hardware uses is perfect, the people who are looking for a cool and comfortable cat litter box for their pooch, they must choose this litter box for sure.


  1. The classy, attractive look of this Hidden Cat litter box is quite comfortable and suitable for your home décor and even for your bedroom.
  2. The fine magnetic doors and cabinets are easy to use and clean, the high-quality woods prevent from the foul odor and the seamless base is also strong and heavy.
  3. Your cats and small sized dogs can rest here and sleep in the box easily, the wide entrance provides an easy entrance and exit, and even your pets can sit on the top of the nightstand in the spare time.
  4. The product comes with 1-year warranty, so you can use this without any worry regarding quality or service. Also, the product is available in three colors, so you can choose according to your desire.
  5. A large sized cat containing 15 lbs can also fit in the box and your cat will surely fall in love with the product can also have a mess-free routine with your furry friend.
  6. Many of customers have reviewed this hidden box as a nice product with a five-star rating. If you are ordering online, you will be pleased to know that you can return or replace this item if you receive a defective one.


  1. Some people complained of the tough hardware of the product as well as the product shipped in worse condition. But as we said that you can replace it.



As you come to know that all the hidden cat litter boxes are great and excellent. All of the products are designed only for your and your pet’s comfort. The products are available in different colors, so you have many options if you are a choosy person. As well as the products are easy to use and maintain. They will suit your house well and make your life mess-free and happy so as of your cat. So, read the instructions and reviews carefully that will surely help you for purchasing.