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Auto cat feeder

The first priority of being a cat owner is how to feed your cat! Whether you already own a cat, or you’re looking forward to owning one it helps to learn how to take the best care of these playful pets. Cats are known for many traits, including their ability to develop and stick to habits quickly. If you want to have a charming, healthy cat, you’ve got to teach it the right habits while it’s still young, particularly in its first year. And good cat feeding habits are important.

The best place to get advice for your cat is your veterinarian, then researching authority blogs like

Automatic cat feeder makes your cat rearing easier by putting together relevant info all in one spot just for you. For example, in our article “The top Automatic cat food dispenser list for 2021,” we highlight standout features of some of the top automatic food dispensers. We’ve also shared a lot of refined information about other devices such as automated litter robots , self-cleaning trays , and more.

Choosing a device for feeding your cat is the first decision, next you’ll want to know what food should I feed my cat and when?

Fortunately, we have some tips to get you started. And as you start, remember that a healthy feeding pattern means a healthy cat, and a happier home. Which is why its worth investing a little extra effort to get your cat feeding right.

Cat Feeding Times and Frequency

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Cats have simple stomach anatomy, just like humans. Essentially, this means that once a cat has eaten its fill, it takes hours before digestion is complete. Experts, recommend feeding cats at least twice a day. Whatever the routine you develop, do it with great caution to avoid overfeeding your fury pet. It helps to regularize the daily feeding times to help your cat’s body adapt.

In addition, having a feeding routine makes it easier for you to detect when something is wrong with your cat. More often, cats break their feeding habits when they’re ill.

A strict cat feeding schedule also makes it easier for you to introduce new foods. Once your cat’s body gets used to specific feeding times, you can take advantage of their hunger to introduce new foods, this can work well for a very picky cat.

Whatever the times you choose, remember the “at least twice a day” feeding recommendation. It’s also good to know that it’s advisable to feed your cats at dawn and dusk, the times cats usually hunt. The instinct to find food plays a significant role in driving them to eat and developing a reliable routine.

Common Cat Feeding Problems:

Feeding cats
  • Taking her food out of the feeding bowl
  • Eating indoor plants
  • Vomiting often due to eating too fast
  • Raiding the kitchen bin
  • Drinking water from the toilet bowl
  • Meowing for food all the time
  • Refusing to drink water
  • Always interested in human food

Luckily, a little training will help with most of these problems.

Tips for Feeding Cats

Cats develop food preferences in their first year, which is the leading cause of their picky eating habits. “Cats are very opinionated about food, and a lot of their food preferences are formed in the first year,” says Julie A. Churchill, DVM, PhD, associate professor of nutrition at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in St. Paul. So, ensure you use the first year to introduce your cat to good routines and a variety of foods.

Below are a few cat feeding tips to get you going:

Choosing a Balanced Cat Food – Just as humans need a balanced diet, it is just the same when feeding cats. Food rich in nutrients is healthier and better for your cat’s wellbeing. Don’t focus on the ingredients only. Look for labels that have most of the essential nutrients for a cat. Ask your veterinarian about the most suitable daily calories for your cat and do your best to stick to that.

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Giving Adequate Water – Remember that water is an essential part of their diet. The water you give to your cat must be clean and suitable for drinking. If you want to use a water fountain to make it easier for your cat to stay hydrated we have reviewed some good options “10 Best Automatic Cat Water Fountain Reviews for 2021” You’ll get a picture of what water fountains can offer and their outstanding features. Regardless of whether you’re feeding your cat dry or canned food, the supply of water for your cat should remain adequate.

Giving Treats – It’s not wrong to spoil your cat with those occasional treats. However, please be sparing. If you overdo it, you’re likely to surpass their average daily calorie intake, something that will eventually hurt their health. Besides controlling how frequently you give your cat treats, ensure it remains within 10% of your cat’s required daily calories.

Homemade Food – If you’re the type who prefers homemade cat food, ensure you work with a nutritionist. Most experts still site commercial food options as best for feeding cats. They are widely recommended because they’re formulated to suit your cat’s needs.

Besides having the right knowledge about feeding cats, it’s also important to seek veterinary advice with any concerns. A vet is trained to detect any underlying illness or problems that require attention that may present as feeding issues. 

If you want to have a happy, playful cat, know that it all begins with good care. Remember that feeding is a critical component of the process. 

Get it right from the onset and have fun!