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Elevated cat beds reviews

5 Elevated cat bed reviews for 2021

Are you finally giving in to buying an elevated cat bed for your fur baby? Well, you’re just in time! After weeks of testing a couple of cat beds, my cat and I are finally ready to share with you which beds she enjoyed the most.

Here are 5 perfect elevated cat beds you should consider for your feline! 


1. Amazon Basics Cat BedElevated cat beds reviews

My cat absolutely loves this! The minute I finished setting it up (it was pretty easy, by the way), she jumped right in and refused to leave. It’s cozy and it gives her enough room, especially when she sleeps sprawled out. In fact, if I had another cat, I think they would both fit right in at the same time.

The bed has an elasticized fabric right underneath to keep it in place. It’s pretty much like a seat cover that you would stretch on the side whenever you had to remove or place it back. While it does tend to move a bit when my cat hops off it, she doesn’t seem to mind. I just made sure to fix it everytime I caught it that way.

Oh and let’s not forget the natural jute fiber scratching post! Although my kitty already has a cat tree to help keep her claws away from my furniture, it will be great for cat owners who have yet to invest in one. 

Seriously, it’s an awesome elevated cat bed and scratch post in one!


  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy post
  • Spacious for any cat size
  • Natural jute fiber scratching post
  • Great especially for cooler days


  • Bed moves a little when my cat hops off it

According to a customer: “My kitty is in heaven, she’s not gotten down from her lil nest since I placed her there 2 hours ago. I just took a photo of her so comfortable her mouth was open…I’ve never seen her look so comfortable, my kitty is in heaven!”

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2. Hepper Pod Enclosed Cat Bed

Hepper Pod Enclosed Cat Bed

Oh, how my fur baby loves this covered cat bed! She sleeps in it all day and only comes out when it’s time to eat or do her business. I can’t blame her–it is easy to get in and out of, offers good airflow, and gives her enough privacy!

It’s also very sturdy due to its metal stand with a built-in rubber base. My kitty could jump in without causing the entire bed to shake, which is a common problem I’ve found in many pet cat beds. And thank goodness for the sherpa fleece lining. Not only does it keep my fur baby warm, but it’s also easy to clean up.

Did I mention it has anti-skid pads to keep your floors from getting scratched? Seriously, it’s the best cat bed you could give to your feline!


  • Easy to assemble
  • Great airflow
  • Removable lid
  • Self-warming sherpa fleece liner
  • Great especially for cooler days


  • More expensive than the average cat bed

According to a customer: “I bought two of these. I built them. Put them down on the floor and my cats instantly went and jumped inside and love them. I’m going to have to buy one more I think because they love them so much and I have 3 cats. Really happy with the quality and that the soft liner easily pops off and comes out to throw in the wash.

My cats love these so much. Perfect little cozy pods and the best shape for them to curl up and feel warm and protected. I also think they like them because in the daylight, they can curl up in them with their face facing away from the opening and it stays dark inside the pod. It’s great for their daytime naps. Highly suggest these.”

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3. Noyal Cat Hammock Bed

Elevated cat beds reviews

This may not be as elevated as most of the cat beds we’ve tried, but she loves it anyway! It’s built with a high-quality nylon mesh that’s breathable, comfortable, and wear-resistant. It’s also very easy to install and uninstall, which makes washing it a breeze.

The entire product is also surprisingly sturdy. There’s no shaking or tipping over thanks to its iron stand.

But I think what she enjoys most about it is the way the hammock hugs her body. In fact, she fell asleep within an hour when she first tried it!

Overall, my baby and I highly recommend this comfy cat bed, especially for senior cats that can’t jump as high or as often as they once used to.


  • Machine-washable
  • High-quality nylon mesh
  • Great especially for warm days
  • Sturdy iron legs
  • Easy to jump in and out of


  • Hammock doesn’t hit the floor, so your cat may not feel warm enough on cold days (but you can always put a blanket)

According to a customer: “This hammock is perfect for our cats! We originally had a full cat tree but they showed no interest in any part of it besides the bowl part, so we sold it and got this instead! It’s awesome because it’s nice and sturdy once assembled right & takes up way less space. It was a little tricky to assemble but once it was complete it wasn’t too bad. We put it by our patio door for them to enjoy & they love it! We’re considering purchasing a second one so that they can both have one, as they don’t like to share.”

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4. Cat Craft Tunnel Bed

Hepper Pod Enclosed Cat Bed

Here’s a cat tube bed your kitty will surely fall in love with! The tunnel-like structure and oh-so-comfy plush pad surface easily invite my cat to doze off at anytime of the day. All she has to do is step right into it and get herself comfortable.

It’s also surprisingly spacious enough. In fact, I think cats of all breeds can fit right in easily. And I just love how sturdy it is. My cat can run through and even jump on top without causing it to tip over. This is important especially when she does her mad dash in the middle of nowhere (you know, cat thing).

If you want a cat bed that your kitty won’t resist and would make a beautiful piece inside your home, then you’ve found it!


  • Comfortable, easy-to-clean sleeping pad
  • Sturdy wooden legs
  • Spacious for all cat breeds
  • Offers enough privacy
  • Easy to get in and out of


  • Sleeping pad moves around but my cat doesn’t mind

According to a customer: “I bought this to replace a cube, & have placed it in the front lanai. Both kitties were a little slow to embrace it, but now love it. They usually perch on it, rather than in it. They like to sharpen their claws on the exterior & it’s held up pretty well, considering I don’t think it’s designed for that.

It’s sturdy & lightweight, which helps when lifting cat & bed to place them inside to go to work. It’s not showing any ill effects of being outdoors during rain or humidity, either. Granted, it’s sheltered, but dampness gets through the screen. I think this will last a lot longer than the cube did.”

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5. Bingopaw Elevated Cat Bed

Elevated cat beds reviews

Want another comfy cat bed that will also look great inside your home? You’re looking right at it! This beautiful nordic cat bed keeps my kitty snug with its soft, breathable, and washable cushion. I could hear her purr after she inspected the bed and settled down!

It also has thick wooden legs to keep the entire structure stable. And it’s easy to move around without scratching my floor thanks to its anti-skid footpads. All in all, my cat and I approve of this bed!


  • Soft, breathable cushion
  • Thick wooden leg support
  • Caters to cats of all sizes
  • Semi-circular backrest
  • Carries up to 20 kg


  • More expensive than the average cat bed

According to a customer: “This cat bed is fantastic! Finally a cat bed that looks great in my house. I love it & my cat loves it! I bought the large size & was worried it would be too big, but it’s perfect!”

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What to consider when buying an elevated cat bed

The size of the bed

While cats love tight spaces, they also want a bed that they can move around in without falling off. So, make sure your chosen cat bed offers extra room for stretching out especially when they’re asleep.

The convenience of cleaning it

Cat beds must be cleaned more regularly than any other usual furniture. Since your cat always sleeps on it, it will eventually be covered with fur, bacteria, and even ticks or fleas. So, choose a bed that you can easily uninstall and wash.

The height of the bed

High beds look fun, but they are not great for all cats. These could actually leave kittens and senior cats injured. So, choose the right height that’s appropriate for your cat’s age.

And that’s it! With this list of 5 elevated cat beds, you should be ready to purchase the bed that suits your kitty cat best!


1. Do cats like elevated beds?

Most cats prefer to be high up by instinct. It helps them easily spot and prepare for possible threats. Hence, elevated beds would be perfect for them.

2. What is the most comfortable bed for a cat?

  1. Amazon Basics Cat Bed
  2. Hepper Pod Enclosed Cat Bed
  3. Noyal Cat Hammock Bed
  4. Cat Craft Tunnel Bed
  5. Bingopaw Elevated Cat Bed

3. Do cats prefer open or closed beds?

Cats usually prefer beds that make them feel safe and secure, like closed beds. However, it’s still important to note that not all cats are the same–there are cats that make you wonder if they really are cats! Your best bet is to observe your cat’s behavior especially when he sleeps.

4. What should I consider when getting an elevated cat bed?

  1. The size – Your cat should have enough room to stretch out without falling off.
  2. The convenience of cleaning it – It should be easy enough for you to clean properly and regularly. Otherwise, it can get covered in fur and bacteria, which are health hazards to your cat.
  3. The height – While cats love to be high up, it’s not always good for them. If you have a kitten or a senior cat, your best option is to get an elevated bed that is low enough to walk in and out of.


5. Are elevated cat beds expensive?

Each cat bed is priced differently. Some are crazy expensive, while some are affordable yet offer excellent quality.