Cats Crying at Night Superstition – Meaning & Reasons

Cats crying at night Superstition

Cats crying at night superstition: There are many types of superstitions which people believe in and follow as well. Superstitions are something which people have been following since ages. Even these days, it is quite common to find people following the age-old superstitions.

Earlier people used to believe in superstitions without applying any logic at all. These days, you can find people whether they are logical or not following these superstitions at heart. The most accepted notion is that if they do not follow it, something bad might happen.

There are many types of superstitions which people had invented ages ago. Some of them are related to animals or living things. Some of them are also related to non-living objects too. Animals like cats have always been an object of superstition.

A black cat crossing a street has the pedestrians terrified. People believe if they cross the street after the black cat crosses it, something bad might happen.

Many others call of animals like cats crying at night superstition are also considered a bad omen. Seeing the odd number of birds or getting a glimpse of any particular animal or bird is considered the bad omen. People tend to avoid when they meet such situations.

The Superstition Regarding Cats Crying at Night

why cats cry at night

Cat crying at night is a very old superstition. The general belief is that if someone hears a cat crying at night, they might expect some bad news. It is usually believed that if there is a sick person at home and if there is a cat crying outside the house, the person might die. It is thought that there are evil spirits and they call in the form of animals. They are responsible for taking the lives of dying or diseased people.

Based on these illogical facts, people often harm cats and also kill them. There might be one or two incidences where the dying person and the cat calling might have been purely coincidental. But, based on that, people usually make up their personal facts. There might be a lot of reasons why the cat cries at night. Instead of lending ears to baseless notions, one must be logical enough to confront the entire situation.

Reasons why Cats Might Cry at Night

There might be a lot of reasons for a cat crying at night outside. People must try to identify the reason for which the cat is crying instead of taking drastic steps based on their superstition. Some of the reasons for the cat crying might be:

  • The cat might be hungry and crying for food. This is the most common reason. Street cats often do not get regular food. It is very much possible that the cat could not get any food and is crying with hunger.
  • If the cat is ill or injured, the reason for it to cry is very common. Whether it is a pet cat or the street cat, it is better to check with the vet. Since animals communicate through their voices, it might be possible the cat is crying to communicate that it is injured.
  • The cat might be stressed or anxious for many reasons. Cats usually give out a cry when they are separated from their kids. The kitten might also cry when it gets separated from its mother. If the cat is brought in a new place or locality, it might cry if it is anxious.
  • The cat usually cries at night when it is breeding time. At such time, it is the female cat which cries like a baby. The male cat voice is different.
  • If it is a household cat which visits your place every day, it might simply want to gain your attention. Cats are social animals and love company. Leaving them alone might make them cry sometimes at night.

What is the Meaning of a Cat Crying Outside at Night?

reasons of cats crying at night outside

A cat crying outside could mean a lot of things apart from the bad omen which people believe in. Animals like cats can sense any natural calamity faster than humans. So, there could be chances of any disaster in disaster-prone areas. When they see unknown people or sense any kind of danger, they may also cry to alert or warn people. Apart from that, the cat could be in danger or might have any problem of its own. Therefore, before reaching any conclusion, one must think about the reasons for which there might be a cat crying at night outside.

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How to Stop the Cat from Crying?

how to stop cats crying at night

There are lots of ways by which you can make the cat stop crying. The cats crying at night superstition must not be followed without any proper logic. Instead of scaring the cat away or injuring it, one must try to find the reason and help the animal out in any case.

  • Try to feed the cat. If the cat is hungry, giving some food to it might help it to calm down.
  • Try to find if the cat is in some kind of pain or injury. The cat must be taken to the vet or must be taken care of to relieve of its injury.
  • If it is a pet cat, it can be crying for attention. In that case, try playing with it to divert its attention from crying.
  • Get a few night lights around the house. The cat might not feel disoriented or lose its way in the streets.

Just like any other animal, cats are also such harmless animals unless provoked in any way. They must not be injured or harmed for no reason. There is no such thing called bad omen associated with animals like a cat or any other living or non-living beings. Therefore, instead of blaming the cats for bad fate or death, one must try to find the reason and try to solve it. Like any other living being, cats also need care and attention at times. So, the age-old belief must be ditched and instead proper reasoning must be applied to such superstitions.

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