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Animals like cats have always been an object of superstition

Cats Crying at Night Superstition – Meaning & Reasons

The Cat crying at night superstition is associated with bad news, an unpleasant event, or tragedy. More specifically it is believed a cat crying outside an ill person’s home at night is the omen of death.

Defined by Wikipedia a superstition is a belief or practice that has come about by linking two unrelated events due to ignorance, fear, trust in chance, or misunderstanding. Generations often follow these superstitions as folklore, passed on without analysis, logic, or critical thinking. Even these days people believe in many types of superstitions and follow them religiously. You might have a few of your own!

Cats crying at night Superstition

For the most part, our thinking has evolved and moved beyond a widespread belief in superstitions. Earlier in our evolutionary history and still in some cultures, people believed in superstitions without applying any logic at all. These days people still follow these superstitions whether they have applied logic or not. The premise is that if they do not follow them, something bad will happen.

Some superstitions are related to animals or living things. Some of them are also related to non-living objects too- Have you ever seen Rafael Nadal play tennis! (Click here for his story).

Animals like cats have always been an object of superstition.

Most of Europe considers the black cat a symbol of bad luck, particularly if one walks across the path in front of a person, which is believed to be an omen of misfortune and death.


The Superstition Regarding Cats Crying at Night

Regarding Cats Crying at Night

Cat crying at night is a very old superstition. The general belief is that if someone hears a cat crying at night, they might expect some bad news. It follows that if there is a sick person at home they might die. It is thought that there are evil spirits and they call in the form of animals and are responsible for taking the lives of dying or diseased people.

So supposing you were to hold stock in this superstition, hearing a cat crying near your home would be pretty unsettling! Based on these illogical superstitions people often harm cats or even try to kill them. Back in the day, a dying person might have had a cat crying outside their house once or twice now it’s more a self-fulfilling prophecy. The reality is there might be a lot of reasons why a cat would cry at night.

Reasons Why Cats Might Cry at Night

There are many reasons why you might find a cat crying at night outside. It makes more sense to identify the reason why the cat is crying instead of taking drastic steps based on superstition.

  • HUNGER: The cat might be hungry and crying for food. This is the most common reason. Street cats do not get regular food so it’s highly likely it is crying out with hunger.
  • PAIN: An ill or injured cat will cry out in pain. It is possible the injured cat is crying to communicate. Whether it is a pet cat or a feral cat, it is better to check with a vet or cat haven.
  • STRESS: There are many reasons for a stressed or anxious cat. When separated from their kitten’s cats will usually cry. Kitten’s might also cry when separated from their mother. An anxious cat brought to a new place or locality might also cry.
  • BREEDING CALL: Cat’a usually cry at night when it is breeding time. At such time, it is the female cat that cries like a baby.
  • ATTENTION: If it is a neighborhood cat that visits your place often, it might simply want to gain your attention. Cats are social animals and love company. Leaving them alone might make them cry sometimes at night.
  • DANGER: Animals like cats can sense natural forces faster than humans so there is a small chance that the cry of a cat is due to an imminent disaster, obviously more likely in disaster-prone areas. When they see unknown people or sense any kind of danger, they may also cry to alert or warn people. Apart from that, the cat could be in danger or have a problem of its own.
Cats Crying at Night Superstition

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How to Stop a Cat from Crying at night?

how to stop cats crying at night

There are lots of ways you can stop a cat from crying that DO NOT involve scaring the cat away or injuring it. Finding the reason and helping the animal is always your best course of action.

  • Feed the cat. If the cat is hungry, giving it some food might help it calm down and allow you to find it’s owner or get it to a cat haven.
  • look for evidence of pain or injury. Take it to a vet or cat haven.
  • If it is a pet cat, it can be crying for attention. Often if cats are not getting enough exercise or attention in the day they cry out at night.

Cats are harmless animals unless provoked. Like any being, they deserve our care and attention. Superstitions that blame cats for bad fate or death that provoke harm and fear are only creating more harm and fear. So ditch the age-old belief and instead offer care and understanding.