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Cat Solarium Review

Cat Solarium Review 2021: Is it Worth it?

Cat owners have been raving about the Cat Solarium since it first came out. It’s stylish, innovative, and definitely looks something like every indoor cat would enjoy. But the real question is, does my kitty cat actually need it?

There was only one way to find out: put it to the test! And after two months, my cat is now ready to share with you her experience with the Cat Solarium.

What is the cat solarium?

Cat Solarium Review 2021

The Cat Solarium is like a mini sunroom window specifically designed for your kitty. It’s built with bars and has enough space for your cat to lay around and soak in the sun without escaping. To give you a better picture, imagine an elegant-looking parrot cage cut in half. The enclosed side is facing outdoors, while the open side is facing indoors.

The structure is crafted with premium materials. It’s also sun and water-resistant and can withstand up to 50 pounds of weight. So, if your cat is on the heavy side, that shouldn’t be a problem at all!

There are different variations of the Cat Solarium. For instance, one package comes with a weather enclosure, while another package comes with a custom-made pillow. Since I wanted to test it out first, I decided to go with the most basic variation that came without any add-ons.

How do you install the cat solarium?

install the solarium

Installing my fur baby’s Cat Solarium was fairly easy. I just followed the instructions while my kitty cat watched from her cat tree. Here are the parts of the Cat Solarium:

  • wood top
  • wood base
  • 2 sides
  • plexiglass top
  • safety bar
  • 16 dowel rods
  • 8 steel screws
  • velcro
  • plastic

Installing the cat solarium

  1. Screw both sides to the base. Simply align the grooves on the base and on the sides. Insert the screws in the holes at the bottom of the base.

Then, turn the screws first with your fingers, and use the Allen wrench to tighten them up.

2. Screw the top to the sides. Place the wood top above the two sides (like the roof of a house). Align the screw holes of the top with the screw holes of the side parts. Place the screws.

Again, turn the screws with your fingers. Secure them with the Allen wrench.

3. Insert the dowel rods. Place the 16 dowel rods through the holes on the top until they hit the base. Gluing the rods to keep them in place can be tempting, but there’s no turning back once you do so. So, if you have plans of disassembling it in the future, it’s best not to!

Also, don’t forget to use a white bathroom caulk or a bead of clear silicone at the bottom of each rod. This helps keep moisture at bay, which can damage the Solarium.

4. Place the plexiglass top right above the Solarium. Strip off the film on the plexiglass top and place it above the Solarium. Align the screw inserts on the plexiglass with the screw inserts of the top of the Solarium.

Place and turn the screws with your fingers. Tighten with the Allen wrench. Otherwise, water can get through the holes on a rainy day. Even worse, you will have a cat on the loose!

5. Prepare the stop bar. Remove one screw from the Solarium’s horizontal safety bar, which is behind the box. Turn it vertically and it will serve as a brace to keep the box from falling over during installation.

To know if you’re doing it right, the safety bar shouldn’t get in the way of the window when you close it.

6. Place the Solarium in the window. Open the window to just right above the height of the Solarium. That’s approximately 14.5 inches to 15 inches. Grab the top safety bar and the side of the box. Carefully slide out the Solarium until the “stop bar” built under the box keeps you from pushing any further.

Then, lift the box around an inch high slightly and slide it over the bottom window channel’s edge. This should create a slope so that water doesn’t slip inside the Solarium on a rainy day. Finally, secure everything by lowering the window on the Solarium.

7. Cover the gaps with plastic. After the installation, measure the gaps between the Solarium and the window frame. Since the Solarium is in the middle of the frame, the measurements should be the same. Add about 1.5 inches to both measurements and then cut the plastic accordingly.

Next, grab the velcro strips: the hook (which feels rough) and the loop (which feels soft). The hook goes on the window frame where you will attach the plastic strips, and the loop goes on the very plastic strips.

Take note, this part is very, very tricky. The velcro strips stick to the plastic easily, so I suggest you do it slowly! And if your cat is nearby, you might want to keep an eye on those playful little paws!

Observing my cat in the solarium

Observing my cat

After I successfully installed the Solarium, my cat hopped in right away. I could tell she loved it since day one–she stayed there perched the whole day! Not only could she observe the view, but she could actually feel the warmth of the sun and the refreshing breeze.

I did notice she never slept in it the first week. I believe she was keeping her guard up in case something happened to the Solarium (but trust me, it’s very sturdy!). From the second week onwards, however, she started to loosen up and would take naps in it.

Now, it’s been two months and the Solarium has become part of my fur baby’s daily routine. There’s never a day she wasn’t in it! We did experience a few rainy days, but she would always go back once the rain let up.

Overall, if there’s one thing I never knew my cat needed, it’s definitely this!


  • It’s aesthetically pleasing
  • It’s sturdy and durable
  • It offers add-on accessories
  • It can be installed without professional help


  • It only comes in one color


What are the benefits of the cat solarium?

benefits of the cat solarium

It promotes your cat’s well-being

Your cat needs his daily dose of sunlight and fresh air. The sun stimulates the production of vitamin D and regulates body temperature. Fresh air helps stimulate the production of tears for healthy eyes, reduces skin infections, and more. With the Cat Solarium, it can help improve your cat’s well-being.

It makes your cat happier

Cats get bored easily when they don’t get enough stimulation or interaction. This can lead to low energy levels or even grumpiness! So, if your cat is always indoors, the Cat Solarium will expose him to the outdoors, engage his instincts, and make him one happy cat.

It keeps your cat safe

Let’s face it: the outside world can be scary for cats. And if your fur baby is an indoor cat like mine, then there’s no way you would let him out on his own. It’s just too dangerous!

Thanks to the Cat Solarium, your kitty can finally see birds fly and hear leaves rustle without leaving the house.

So, is the cat solarium worth it?

solarium worth it

My cat and I think so! Like other creatures, cats need to spend time outside for some fresh air and sunlight. It helps boost their immune system and makes them happier cats overall. But if you’re like me who doesn’t have an outdoor space where your cat can safely relax, then the Cat Solarium is purr-fect for your feline!

With the Cat Solarium, I no longer feel guilty about missing a day of taking my kitty out for a walk in her favorite cat carrier backpack. She can finally enjoy the benefits of being outdoors without actually stepping out of the house!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cat Solarium?

The Cat Solarium is a mini window built especially for indoor cats. It gives them access to sunlight and fresh air without leaving the house. All it takes is 20 minutes to assemble and install it on your window.

What are the benefits of the Cat Solarium?

  1. It promotes your cat’s well-being by exposing him to sunlight and fresh air.
  2. It keeps your cat happy by engaging the senses.
  3. It gives your cat access to the outside world without leaving the house.

Does my cat need a Cat Solarium?

If you have an indoor cat, he definitely needs the Cat Solarium. It will give him his daily dose of sunlight and fresh air without leaving the house. These are important for his health and well-being.