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cat puzzle feeder

Is a Puzzle Feeder for cats worth the effort?

A puzzle feeder for cats will keep your kitty entertained and fulfill the hunting nature of your cat. Most cats are served their food in a bowl in the same place day in, day out, ensuring little or no activity. Many cats are kept indoors for different purposes, but since they’re great hunters, it can be a handy way to bring mental stimulus to their everyday food routine.

And hence, to promote cats’ mental and physical enjoyment during eating and enable them to communicate their normal hunting behavior, cats should be fed mostly with a cat puzzle feeder (also known as activity feeders for cats).  Activity feeders are food-holding toys that are a brain teaser for your cat! This article will take you through a step-by-step guide on the best-rated cat puzzle feeders and how they can benefit your furry friend.

What kind of Puzzle Feeders are available for cats?

There are several types of puzzle feeders available to purchase. Some of the popular commercial ones include:

  1. Cube Puzzle Feeders
  2. Maze Puzzle Feeder
  3. Goblet Puzzle Feeders

Some puzzle feeders can accommodate both wet food (i.e., tin food) and dry cat kibbles.  Besides commercial puzzle feeders, puzzle feeders for your cat can be created at home quickly and also at a low cost.

How to Introduce a cat puzzle feeder to Your Beloved Cat

It’s better to gently add a cat maze feeder and allow the cat time to understand how to use them to avoid creating irritation. Thus, when you are developing a puzzle feeding habit with your cat, you should:

  1. Begin serving some of the cat’s daily food in the cat activity feeder.
  2. Switch the features of the puzzle feeder to make it easier to get food.
  3. Use transparent puzzle feeders
  4. Sprinkle some dry kibbles around the cat activity feeder to stimulate interest in the cat.

Best Rated Puzzle Feeders for cats

1. Interactive Cat Maze Feeder

By: Cat Amazing
Cat maze feeder

Cat Amazing’s Interactive Cat Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder is a basic puzzle that activates your cat’s innate desires to hunt, explore, and earn for a reward. It stimulates and takes care of cats and kittens for days. This award-winning puzzle blends physical exercise with mental relaxation to introduce healthy play to indoor cats.

  • Interactive simulation of the game and puzzle-for cats
  • Three levels of relaxation and difficulty for cats when developing their skills.
  • The interior chambers build levels of nooks.
  • Fits beloved little toys and snacks                       
  • It’s a fantastic present.

To find out more about this product: CLICK HERE

2. Interactive Puzzle Feeder for cats

By: All for Paws
Cat puzzle feeder

Many cats remain inside their entire lives, isolated from the exciting, entertaining things that are naturally possible outside the home. To help fulfill your cat’s instinctive needs, this interactive puzzle feeder blends hunting with a bit of fun. This puzzle feeder is perfect for most cats.

  • Challenging and stimulating
  • There are three different levels of challenge
  • The bass has rubber padding to keep it in place during Exploration
  • It’s best for one or two cats       

To buy this for your beloved pet: CLICK HERE

3. Interactive Cat activity feeder

By: Cat Amazing
cat activity puzzle feeder

Fantastic Cat Sliders are a thrilling puzzle that keeps cats and kitties busy and plays for hours.  When your cat explores the thrills of this immersive puzzle and cat toy feeder, they flip and slide three inner boxes, continually adjusting the maze and keeping cats and kittens entertained for hours.

  • Designed  to discover, itch, scent, search and obtain secret rewards;
  • It comes with rotating inner boxes to continually adjust the puzzle and challenge your cat with creative play.
  • Recommended by veterinary staff for emotional relaxation and physical fitness 
  • All plant-based ingredients and inks are used, 100% healthy for cats, and mindful of the planet.                                
  • It fits well as a dry cat food container and a cat puzzle feeder.


4. Northmate Catch Interactive Activity Feeder for cats

By: The Company of Animals Store
Activity feeders for cats

The Northgate Trap Cat Slow Feeder is a fascinating mat-type cat puzzle feeder. Northgate feeder encourages cats to chase rewards or kibbles spread around grass-like plastic spikes, which is simple for beginners. Crafted in Denmark and manufactured in China, this puzzle feeder features a soft PP plastic structure.

“Mentally and physically, the tall spikes will contribute to the challenge as your kitty attempts to drive the bits through to receive her meal,” -Mikel Delgado, a cat behavior specialist.


  • Famous mat-shaped cat feeder made of sturdy, BPA, Phthalate-free PP Plastic
  • Extra-wide surface shaped as a grass patch, making feeding enjoyable for one or two cats.
  • Has raised side rims to avoid food spilling
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs.                                                        
  • Available in the shades of purple and green


5. Catit feeder: Senses 2.0 Interactive Digger Catit feeder

By: The Catit
catit cat puzzle feeder

The Catit Senses range of toys is a very widely known set of interactive cat feeders and toys, and the Catit Senses 2.0 Digger is a popular item in the line. Catit feeder is built to adapt to the cat’s natural hunting behaviors. It operates mainly for dry kibbles and snacks, but you can also introduce some wet food for your cat (a plus point!!).


  • A unique cat feeder intended to enhance the sensation of hunting traits in cats in an enjoyable and natural way
  • Crafted from BPA-free plastic
  • Includes three short, narrow tubes and two long large tubes
  • Has a safe foundation with a sloping base
  • Comes in primary green colors
  • Fast to reassemble and clean up                           


6. Trixie Activity Feeders For Cats

By: Trixie
Activity Feeders For Cats

Trixie Pets has become one of our favorite suppliers of interactive activity feeders for cats with some very unique designs. The Trixie Pets Tunnel Interactive Cat Feeder contains an elevated acrylic bowl with six randomly spaced tubes across it. The feeder possesses a rubberized anti-slip bottom that can be removed before the toy is put into the dishwasher.

  • Interactive cat slow feeder with a high-grade plastic build
  • Rubberized anti-slip foundation
  • Comes with a one-year warranty                                   
  • Top-rack safe for the dishwasher
  • Small kibbles should be added to the top lid cup, which then runs uniformly into the cat tubing to scoop and poke into

To shop this for your furry pal: CLICK HERE

Bottom Line

In this article, we delved into some of the top puzzle feeders for cats. We also offered tips to remember when introducing the right cat puzzle feeder bowl for your pet. We hope you’ve found this post helpful, and it will help you choose the right cat puzzle feeder for your furry friend. Have a pleasant time watching your cat have a ball!