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Cat not Eating or Drinking for 3 days – Here are 7 Reasons why?

Cat Not Eating Or Drinking For 3 Days

Cat not Eating or Drinking for 3 days? It could be a serious problem so please see your vet if you are concerned.

Cats are renowned for their enigmatic nature. They are fun-loving, energetic, and playful creatures but often remain a mystery, even to their owners! So fickle eating habits are not unusual. They are egocentric and unlikely to surrender to their owner’s will. They refuse to become prisoners to their owners and may only answer when it comes to food. So what do you do when they won’t even eat.


Let’s face it cats have finicky eating habits however if your cat does not eat or drink for days then it could be a serious issue. Your first port of call should be your vet.

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The first reason for a cat’s refusal to eat is that it is sick. If you observe that your cat is picky and it is not eating much and losing weight, then you should see your vet. Your veterinarian can design the best diet for your pet.

Provision of proper Food

Cats are very finicky about their meals. If you have noticed that your Cat not Eating or Drinking for 3 days then consider what food you are providing and how often. Consider heating up the food before feeding it to them and ensure it is specifically designed cat food (try Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Cat Food click for prices on AMAZON). Feeding cats human food and scraps can contribute to them not eating properly.

Food bowl too small or deep

Cats don’t like their whiskers touching anything. This specialized part of your cat’s anatomy is very important. They enable a cat to move around in the dark and sense the movement of air currents in order to detect and catch prey. They are highly sensitive. If every time your cat tries to eat their food its whiskers touch the edges of their bowl it can cause stress. They can be deterred from eating to avoid the irritation and discomfort. I recommend you to start using any of these best automatic cat feeders your cat will love it.

Change of Surrounding

Cats take time to adjust to change. Once they are settled in a particular environment complete with the routines and set up they become attached. It is common for them to not play, eat, and drink because of a change in their environment.

Cats take a long time to adjust to new environments, so moving house can be a significant event and cause this kind of symptom. Any changes in their environment could be a trigger:

  • Moving house
  • New partners
  • Having children
  • Adding new pets
  • Renovation

The good news is that with some extra love and some time they will readjust.

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Hiding medicine in their food bowl

One more reason why your cat may be refusing to eat food is that you hide medicine in their food. If you are doing this, then you can consider adding flavoring to disguise it further. You can buy some special food additives that you can sprinkle on your cat’s food.

Adverse Reactions

Cats require annual vaccinations to protect them from deadly, contagious diseases. Some cats show adverse reactions to the vaccines that are supposed to protect them. Your cat can suddenly stop eating after vaccinations. Loss of appetite after a vaccination is usually short live, mild, and temporary.

Psychological Issues

If your cat is fit and healthy, and still not eating food or drinking water, then it could be suffering from some psychological condition. Anxiety and depression are conditions that can also affect pets.

All the pets are sensitive. You have to take care of them wholeheartedly but foremost; you have to treat them with love. Cats are very clever in sensing vibes either positive or negative; they give the same love and affection to you in return. Pets are great companions; they make great friends and will enlighten your mood.

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