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Best Electronic Cat Door in 2022

Getting an electronic cat door for your feline is a huge decision. It involves cutting a portion off your door! So, when I received plenty of requests to do a review on the best electronic cat door, questions started to flood my head.

Does my cat actually need it? Which door do I install it in? Is it even worth it?

But after much thinking, I decided to install one for fun–right in my bedroom door! This way, I won’t have to keep opening and closing the door for my cat whenever she feels like entering or leaving the room. So, what electronic cat door was it?

Keep reading to find out, along with my other recommendations!

Best Electronic Cat Door: My Top 3

1. PetSafe Electronic Cat Door

PetSafe Electronic Cat Door

Dimensions: 3.97 x 3.25 x 17.8 inches

Weight: 1 lb

I have read plenty of mixed reviews about this product online, which almost stopped me from making the purchase. But surprise, surprise–it’s the first best electronic cat door on my list!

This electronic cat door is PetSafe SmartKey activated. It can accommodate up to 5 SmartKeys that are waterproof, in case you have more than one kitty cat (but the additional ones are sold separately). I simply attached the SmartKey to my cat’s existing collar like a pendant, which she didn’t seem to mind.

It has three lock modes: lock, unlock, and automatic lock. To choose, all I have to do is press the tiny “mode” button above the flap. Then, the indicator lights above each mode will light up one at a time until I release the button on the desired light.

I love that it instantly scans the SmartKey everytime my fur baby is about to pass through. It does make a popping sound upon unlocking, which scared her for the first few tries (I still have the footage in my pet camera!). But with a sprinkle of patience and a couple of treats, she eventually got used to the sound!

It’s pretty simple to use, and it does seem like it will last for years. Overall. I don’t regret taking a chunk out of my bedroom door for this electronic cat door!


  • lock, unlock, and auto-locking options
  • programmable for up to 5 pets
  • waterproof SmartKey
  • D-cell battery-operated (4 batteries)


  • batteries not included
  • additional PetSafe SmartKeys must be purchased

According to a customer: “We have one senior cat that was simply born to be outside. He doesn’t even go anywhere except outside on our gated patio. However, we have three other foster kittens that are NOT ever allowed outside! This was the PERFECT SOLUTION to allow access to only Squints! He’s now a happy camper and doesn’t wake us up twice per night while we’re asleep! lol! We also got the door panel on amazon to fit this into it. We had a handy man replace the open flap in the slider panel with this automatic door opener via automatic remote collar tag! It didn’t fit perfectly, as this is slightly smaller than the door in the panel, so we had it fixed so that it would fit! All furry friends are happy as can be now! Meow and purrrrfect!!!”

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2. SureFlap DualScan Electronic Cat Door

DualScan Electronic Cat Door

Dimensions: 8.27 x 8.27 x 5.83 inches

Weight: 2.2 lbs

If you live in a multi-cat household, then this is definitely for you! It can store up to 32 pets in its database with the aid of your pets’ existing microchips or SureFlap RFID tags (although tags are bought separately). Simply allow the door to read your cat’s microchip or RFID tag, push the white button right above the flap, and it should store your pet’s identification.

It also comes with DualScan Technology, which is a double antenna that scans microchips on both sides of the door. Now, you can decide which among your pets can go out. But if a cat does manage to escape (you know how cats are!), no worries, the electronic door will let that escaped cat back in your house.

Just don’t forget to manually set your preferred lock mode from the 4 given options: lock, unlock, in-only, and out-only.


  • lock, unlock, in-only, and out-only features
  • programmable for up to 32 pets
  • reads common microchips and SureFlap RFID tags
  • AA battery-operated (4 batteries)


  • batteries not included
  • SureFlap RFID tags not included

According to a customer: “After years of dealing with raccoons that come in the cat door and a cat that won’t let me sleep at night if his cat door is locked, this door solved my problems. The problem cat learned very quickly how to get out the door, but it took 3 days for him to be willing to come back in through the door. My other 3 cats have not been willing to use the door yet unless I push them through it and the clicking noise is intimidating to the more timid ones. When I was home on the weekend, I taped the door open during the day and all of the cats went in and out without a problem; so I think it’s just a matter of time before they all start using it when it is activated.

May 5th, 2016 update: Three of the four cats are now using the door when it is activated and I found the 4th one outside once when I had not let her out. We’re getting there and it is obvious that the cats like the security that comes with not having strange animals come in their door.

August 8, 2016 update: Three of the four cats continue to use the door and are having no problem coming in and out. The 4th cat will occasionally use it, but she would just rather stay in most of the time. I think part of the reason that she isn’t interested in using the door to go outside is that she feels safe inside now that the racoons and stray neighborhood cats are not able to come inside. I did catch a racoon trying to break in, but he eventually gave up and went away.”

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3. Cat Mate Elite Microchip Electronic Cat Door

Cat Mate Elite Microchip

Dimensions: 9.75 x 5.7 x 10.5 inches

Weight: 1.10 lbs

Do you like to keep tabs on your cat’s activities? Then this electronic cat door is definitely for you! It can store up to 9 cats and read common microchips and Cat Mate Elite IDs (again, the IDs are sold separately).

It also offers 4 lock modes with a timer function: lock, unlock, in-only, and out-only. Just select a mode and it will reflect on the LCD. Even better, the LCD will show you when your cat last entered or exited the door!

Do note that this product does not scan your cat’s microchip or RFID upon exiting the door. It only does that upon entry. So if you don’t want him outside at certain hours, you can simply set a lock timer.

Pretty convenient, isn’t it?


  • lock, unlock, in-only, and out-only features
  • programmable for up to 9 pets
  • reads common microchips and Cat Mate Elite IDs
  • AA battery-operated


  • batteries not included
  • Cat Mate Elite IDs not included

According to a customer: “Performs as described. I wanted to keep out the critters and give my cat house access. It took her a while to get the hang of it as she is a bit timid and the door needs a good push to open the magnets, but now she’s going in and out T will. I love that I can program it to keep her in at night. A friend recommended it for racoon territory as the racoons had ripped off a competitor’s door the first night. He has been using Cat Mate for years now with no raccoon problem.”

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Choosing the right electronic cat door for your cat’s needs

Save yourself from buying the wrong electronic cat door by answering these questions:

How many cats do you have?

Some electronic cat doors only work for single-cat households. Others are more suitable for multi-cat households. If you have more than one cat, get an electronic cat door that can accommodate the exact number of pets you have and plan to have.

How big is your cat?

A typical electronic cat door is suitable for most cats, but I still highly suggest you do a makeshift cat door first out of cardboard. Cut it according to the size of the electronic cat door you want. Then, have your cat get through it.

While cats are capable of getting through tight spaces, it’s still best to prioritize their comfort. This is crucial especially for senior cats.

What lock features do you prefer?

Do you let your cat go out whenever he wants? Or is there only a certain time of the day he is allowed out? If you have a specific cat care arrangement, get an electronic cat door with lock features that suit your needs.

For instance, a two-way lock feature allows you to either lock or unlock the door. A four-way lock feature lets you do the same with additional in-only or out-only lock modes.


1. Do electronic cat doors work?

Electronic cat doors are definitely effective. These control which pets can come in and out of a particular area in your house, or your house altogether.

2. What is the best electronic cat door?

3. Can raccoons get in electronic cat doors?

Raccoons should not be able to get in electronic cat doors. These cat doors only allow pets with microchips or RFID tags to pass through.