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Christmas gifts for cat

10 Purr-fect Christmas Gifts for Cats in 2022

For fur parents like you and me, Christmas isn’t complete without gifts for our kitty cats. But these shouldn’t just be any gift. Our little tigers deserve the best, too! Check out these 10 purr-fect Christmas gifts for cats in 2022.

1. Kitty City Scratch Post

Christmas gifts for cats

Cats have claws, and claws are made to scratch. Therefore, cats must scratch! But seriously, it’s part of your fur baby’s instinct. He will always find a way to do it, even if you’ve covered up every piece of furniture at home!

So, how about giving him this scratch post for Christmas? It stands 32 inches tall with a perch cushion on top and a dangling toy. Now, your cat can scratch, climb, play, and rest!

As a bonus, the neutral tones will add a stylish finish to your home.

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2. Blackhole Catch the Tail Cat Toy

Blackhole Catch the Tail Cat Toy

If there’s one particular game cats never get tired of, it’s hide-and-seek! And it can be played in various ways, just like this hide-and-seek teaser toy. So, how does it work?

The tail comes in and out of the cloth in different directions. It can move at a slow, fast, or random speed, according to your preference. You can also remove the cloth if your cat prefers to play that way.

It’s an effortless way to keep your cat fit. Just make sure to supervise him when he’s playing with this! 

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3. Pawbreakers Bonkas All-Natural Catnip Candy Toy

Perfect Christmas gifts for cats

Here’s a gift that will make your cat go nuts: a ball made out of catnip! This vet-approved toy helps keep your cat in shape and release his happy hormones–both from playing and from the catnip itself.

You’ll also love that it’s hypoallergenic and 100% natural. That means no wheat, gluten, soy, sugar, animal products, or any coloring. And if your cat prefers big toys, this product is available in bigger sizes, too! 

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4. The Cat Ladies 100% Organic Cat Grass Seed

Perfect Christmas gifts for cats

Looking for a healthy cat treat this Christmas? Here’s some wheatgrass. It’s organic, rich in nutrients, and has an earthy taste your cat won’t resist.

It comes with the following benefits:

➼ vitamin a (vision)

➼ vitamin b (metabolism)

➼ vitamin c (antioxidants)

➼ vitamin e (healthy coat)

➼ vitamin k (liver function)

➼ amino acids (healthy heart)

➼ lecithin (immunity)

➼ iron (red blood cells)

➼ calcium (bones and teeth)

➼ magnesium (hormone balance)

➼ pantothenic acid (protein)

➼ chlorophyll (fresh breath)

➼ hairball control

Simply plant the seeds that come with the package, and they should grow into wheatgrass in a week or less–no green thumb required! 

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5. Potaroma Flopping Fish Toy

Potaroma Flopping Fish Toy

Get creative with your cat’s Christmas gift with this electric flopping fish toy. It looks and flops exactly like a freshly caught fish and has a pouch to store catnip in! It’s also durable enough for your cat to chew, slap, and wrestle.

To get it moving, your cat simply needs to touch it, which activates the built-in motion sensor. Combined with the catnip’s aroma, it will definitely stimulate your cat’s predatory senses.

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6. Pefuny Cat Window Perch

Christmas gifts for cats

If you have an indoor cat like I do, he will definitely benefit from a solarium such as this 360-degree cat window perch. It satisfies his instincts by letting him bask in the sun and observe the other side of the world without leaving the house.

Basically, it’s held by 4 giant suctions and supported by stainless steel cables. It can also hold more than 40 pounds of weight! Plus, the fabric mat doesn’t sink to keep your cat cozy.

Cleaning it up is easy, too. Just wash it and it should dry up in no time.

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7. Zenes Cat Toy Butterfly

Christmas gifts for cats

Cats love anything that flies, which is enough reason to gift yours with this interactive toy. It has a lifelike butterfly that flutters around the base for your cat to chase!

Don’t worry, this toy is built to endure your cat’s rough play. The base also comes with rubber pads to keep everything in place while your cat has fun. And to spice things up, the butterfly glows in the dark!

Seriously, keeping your cat fit has never been this fun!

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8. Our Pets Play-N-Squeak Catnip Toys

Pets Play-N-Squeak Catnip Toys

Unleash your cat’s hunting instincts with mice–fake mice, that is! These purr-fect catnip toys consist of two play-n-squeak mice that look, sound, and feel just like real rodents. Everytime your cat bats them, they start to squeak and release a catnip aroma for some wild fun!

It’s a great way to stimulate both your cat’s mental and physical health, especially if he’s constantly indoors. Just try not to mistake them for real ones as you make your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

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9. PAWZ Road Collapsible Cat Tunnel

PAWZ Road Collapsible Cat Tunnel cat gifts

Take your cat on an indoor adventure with this S-shaped collapsible cat tunnel. It has a hanging ball at one end for added fun and two peepholes for better ventilation. It’s also spacious enough, which makes it the perfect Christmas gift for any cat, really.

And if you want to switch it up, no problem! The tunnel has connectors on both ends that allow you to attach another set of tunnels.

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10. Meowfia Cat Cave Bed

gifts for cats

Christmas means colder days and shorter daylight hours. So, if your cat is already sleeping 16 hours a day, don’t be surprised if he sleeps even longer! Which is why this cat cave bed would make a fantastic Christmas gift.

Handmade from Merino wool, a natural fiber from Merino sheep, it traps and prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing. It’s also more comfortable to the skin than regular wool. Plus, this bed contains no harsh chemicals or synthetics, which makes it a safe place for your cat to rest or play in!

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There you have it! With these 10 recommended cat gifts, you and your fur baby will definitely have a meowy Christmas this 2022!